10 Most Outrageous Ads in the History of Mankind

You don’t have to be a Mad Men fan to appreciate inventive advertising. Commercials do far more than inspire us to buy products. They give us one-liners, catchphrases, and memorable imagery that can last for years. You probably remember commercial jingles you heard when you were five, even if you can’t recall exactly what the product was. The more outrageous an ad is, the better chance we have of remembering it.

First Moon Party

In any young lady’s journey toward womanhood, her first period is a memorable event. That’s especially true if you’re this girl, trying desperately to convince her friends that she got hers too. Spoiler alert: menstrual blood is glitter free.

Smart Chimps (Because HBO)

Talking animals are awesome, movies are awesome, and Jane Goodall is awesome. But when these things are combined—it creates a force of nature so incredible and majestic that it can only mean one thing: HBO. This is what you’re all paying extra for, kids. And it’s oh so worth it!

The Comedian

Movie trailers are usually separate from regular commercials. In this case though, the actors in the film do not appear. There is no hint at the plot, and nothing to actually convince us to want to watch. Was if effective? Not really. But it’s still a great spot.

HP Baby

What endangering this child has to do with computers, printers, or photos is not entirely clear. But I can’t look away, because that baby is scooting through traffic like an errant squirrel tied to a white bronco.

Mr. “Dumbass”

One of my all-time favorite commercials couldn’t be shown during the day after parents complained about the horrible, terrible use of “profanity.” Thick-headedness is of the essence in this hilarious root beer spot.

Tropical Starburst

Candy commercials are usually among the funniest ads out there, and this one for Starburst is no exception. It features the delightful Kristen Schaal. If the blonde guy looks familiar, it’s because he was an extra in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, making the tropical setting quite appropriate.


Apple introduced a new product called a “Macintosh” (Get it? It’s a type of apple?) during the Superbowl—the most expensive ad placement of the year. Though it was only shown once, it made a lasting impression despite offering a dystopian future that hinted at Orwellian rat-based torture. Kids, don’t try that hammer throwing thing at home.

Rexona “Stunt City”

This is easily one of the best commercials of all time. Among hygiene products, it has no equal. This commercial doesn’t just make me want to buy this product, it makes me want to move to Stunt City so I can become the richest window replacement specialist in the entire world.

National Night

What’s weirder than a commercial that tells you to go home and make a baby? That commercial being sponsored by The Freshmaker. Yep, Singapore wants you to get bizzay to increase the national birth rate—and Mentos agrees. Giggity is patriotic, apparently.

Go all the way for Singapore, why don’t you?


What kind of monster would ban a condom commercial that shows condoms and approximates what people use them for? I don’t know. I only know that this humorous and adorable commercial can’t even be shown in Europe—when it should be shown everywhere.


What’s your favorite outrageous commercial? Link us in the comments.

Additional Image: BlingCheese Entertainment



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