World Naked Gardening Day May 7…Let The Grass Grow Folks

Whether for food or just for beauty, gardening can be a very enjoyable and even therapeutic activity. The act of taking nature into your own hands and actually producing something from the earth has a certain allure that draws in many regular participants. If you are just getting up to enjoy your day, take a moment to remove whatever clothes you have on and head outside. Today is World Naked Gardening Day, and it is best you enjoy it properly.

What Is World Naked Gardening Day?

Started in 2005, World Naked Gardening Day is just what it sounds like. It is a day that celebrates gardening by suggesting everyone go outside and garden in the nude. Normally, you likely wear some variety of clothing during your garden activities. Maybe you have a specific outfit you throw on, or maybe not. Regardless, this is one day during the year that you are encouraged to go out without pretenses and simply enjoy what you are doing.

Though the first celebration was on Sept. 10, 2005, in 2007 the creators decided it would make more sense if it took place during spring. As a result, the date was moved to fall on the first Saturday in May. For 2016, that first Saturday just so happens to be May 7. So, whether you normally take the time to garden or not, today is the perfect excuse to head outside for some fun.

Celebrate  Nature As Nature Intended

It is important to realize that the creators of World Naked Gardening Day have come out stating quite clearly there is no political agenda or otherwise shady intentions behind this holiday. Instead, they assure everyone it is simply a lighthearted day to get out and enjoy nature as it was really intended. Rather than being constricted by your usual gardening attire, you can clip those hedges, pull up the weeds, plant some new seeds, or just harvest some of your fruits and vegetables that are already thriving. Regardless of what you do, the idea is to get out there and enjoy the day.

Pesky Laws About Nudity

Of course, some people are going to find that it is somewhat difficult to enjoy this special holiday as they do not want to get arrested for exposing themselves to neighbors. After all, most areas around the world have laws prohibiting people from just publicly showing off their naked bodies. It may be your property, but if you are parading around so others outside your property can see, you can still land yourself in some serious trouble.

As for this writer, I have a privacy fence around my yard, so you better bet I am participating the right way.


Are you going to enjoy World Naked Gardening Day the right way? What gardening activities do you have planned for Saturday? If not, what is keeping you from celebrating?




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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