11 Scariest Haunted Places In Oregon

We’ve discovered the ultimate haunted places in Oregon state; these are sure to scare you to death!


Do you watch horror films year-round? Do you like adrenaline? Do you yawn with disdain at the failed attempts at seasonal “haunted” houses that profit off your unfulfilled desire to be scared sh*tless? Where’s the true horror?

The answer is to visit places that are officially haunted. Yes, truly haunted.

The state of Oregon is filled with notoriously haunted houses and lands. We’ve searched all over the state to bring you a list of the creepiest and scariest haunted places we could find, backed by all kinds of first-hand encounters with ghosts, creatures, and paranormal activity that will make that one movie look like a cute little fairy-tale.

These sites aren’t the “I heard some moaning and creaks from the floors” places. This is the real deal. And from those who’ve been, they claim it’s an extremely terrifying experience. So grab your friends and take a roadtrip through these hellish landscapes and you’ll have a wicked-good time.

Check it all out right below:

1. Oregon Vortex – Gold Hill, OR

Originally this land was known to Native Americans as The Forbidden Ground due to the fact they believed evil spirits lingered on the land. Their horses would shun away from the area and not enter the strange zone. A house was built on the land and has sunk diagonally into the ground – however, anyone standing in the angled house will find themselves standing upright. People appear to shift in height in different spots within the vortex. It’s been a site of ghostly occurrences as well, as tourists and guides alike have reported seeing the ghost of John Lister, a scientist from Scotland who originally discovered the area, leaning up against the house; and the gift store has a collection of irrefutably old photos containing orbs taken in the vortex. The location has even been featured in several paranormal reality TV shows with scientists trying to find out what’s really happening there.

It’s open to the public and tours are available. For more information or to plan a trip into the vortex, check out the official website at: www.oregonvortex.com

Check it out and be mesmerized by the way gravity works in this space-time rift!

 2. Lafayette Cemetery – Lafayette, OR

Back in the 1800’s, a woman was accused of witchcraft and hanged for her “crimes.” Before she died, she cursed the town saying it would burn to the ground 3 times. Since then, the entire town has burned down twice – so there’s still a chance the curse lingers and burn again. To top off her curse, it seems her spirit is still haunting the area where she was hanged, and the masonic graveyard where she was buried.

People claim to see her ghost throughout the cemetery, walking around the shadows, and at times she will scream at visitors – turning to run after them and chase people out of the cemetery while laughing maniacally. Even crazier is the astounding number of reports of visitors being physically attacked while being chased by the ghost, resulting in multiple razor-like cuts across their backs; many are still scarred to this day. Locals don’t want to go anywhere near this place. Eventually due to the large number of reports of malevolent attacks, the cemetery was closed for good, and now bears a no trespassing sign.

We don’t condone illegal activity, but if by chance you. . .  independently . . . decided to explore it anyway, one could be certain you’d have one hell of a scary night wandering around this insanely haunted spot. Just watch your back!

 3. Shanghai Tunnels – Portland, OR

In its early days, the city of Portland was a dark place; a system of tunnels runs throughout the city’s underground and lead to the Willamette River. Men and women were tricked or drugged at bars and brothels by men called “crimps”, and then ushered through the tunnels down to boats where they’d be taken to sea to be used as slaves on ships, and were abused physically and sexually. Many died in the tunnels while waiting to board a ship, held captive in small dark rooms. Opium use was rampant, and many people overdosed underground.

There are countless stories of people encountering strange paranormal activity, including lights and voices, and heavy dark presences surrounding them. One of the more notorious ghosts haunts the basement of the Lotus Cafe and Cardroom, attached to the Shanghai tunnels. Rumor has it he’s a bartender that helped capture slaves and usher them into the tunnels, and now he likes to viciously torment the people working there.

Luckily, parts of the tunnels are open to public tours, so you can visit and hopefully you’ll get creeped the hell out! If you want to preview the tour schedule and just get more general info on the tunnel system, check out the official website for touring the Portland underground at: www.shanghaitunnels.info

If any place had such a sordid past as these tunnels, chances are great that there’s evil presences down there that don’t mind messing with your mind and tortured dead souls lost forever that might even brush a hand down your living spine.

4. Oregon State Hospital – Salem, OR

Originally this late 1800’s hospital was for anyone, but then became more and more crowded as the years went by and eventually was primarily filled with the insane and mentally handicapped. Many patients were under extreme duress due to terrible medical practices and the constant abuse of mentally ill patients, and the tormented souls who died within its walls left dark impressions upon the grounds. Even creepier is the fact that the medical complex has a series of tunnels that connect all the buildings secretly; originally it was claimed to be used for transporting dangerous patients, but darker evidence suggests that strange experiments were carried out on the mentally ill patients underground, deep enough their screams would not be heard.

With all that history, its fair to say that the chance of encountering something paranormal is very likely. Many people who visit the ruins of the buildings and tunnels feel the suffering presence of evil all around. Footsteps and wailing can be heard echoing when people are alone, and doors shut and open for no reason. The cries of “help” can be heard leaking from the walls at times. Most people claim they feel like they’re being watched.

One interesting cool fact is the film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest was filmed at this abandoned hospital, so it’s one hell of a place to visit if you’re in the mood for film-geek nostalgia mixed with true spiritual fear.

5. Hot Lake Hotel & Hot Springs – La Grande, OR

The hot springs in LaGrande has a extensive history; many events have led to this land being haunted to an extreme. At first, it used to be a place of healing for Native Americans in the pre-colonized era of Oregon. After its discovery by settlers traveling the Oregon Trail, a hotel was built on the grounds in the 1840’s. Later on in the early 1920’s, it was converted into a medical facility – unfortunately, a fire destroyed most of the building, causing a few deaths and the end of it’s proper usage. It was then converted into an insane asylum and retirement home until it fell apart into disrepair in 1991 after years of misuse, was closed down temporarily and at this point the hauntings began to surface.

The hotel that now sits there has reports of haunting piano music roaming the halls, although there is no piano anymore (the piano that once resided there belonged to the wife of General Robert E. Lee and was rumored to be haunted before it even reached the Hot Springs; it’s owner got rid of it, and later killed himself). A gardener hanged himself behind the building, and numerous reports of ghosts lingering by the gazebo out front and on the lake itself surface regularly. There have been many explainable car crashes beside the lake, and ominous heavy fog that appears out of nowhere.

If you want to be brave and stay at this haunted vacation spot, you can reserve a room or get more information by going to the official website at: www.hotlakesprings.com

Listen carefully to hear the haunted piano, and don’t forget to watch the lake at night for ghosts drifting across the surface!

 6. Pittock Mansion – Portland, OR

In the heart of Forest Park in Portland, there is a massive 16,000 square-foot mansion built by the publisher of The Oregonian and his wife, Henry and Georgiana Pittock, in 1909. After the couple died in 1918-19, their family remained there until it was purchased in 1964 and was turned into a historical museum. Most people who visit aren’t aware of the haunted nature of the house, as it’s not touted as a “haunted house” by any means publicly like many spots. There’s been numerous reports of ghost sightings and odd events; toys and objects in the rooms will move slightly (usually when guests are alone), windows will close and lock themselves, and people report seeing strange shadowed figures out of the corner of their eyes.

Some have even reported capturing images of a strange woman reflected in mirrors when the guests taking photos were alone in the room otherwise – not even realizing what was in the photos until much later. Unlike some of these spots, the paranormal activity never seems to be malicious or dark in nature; more so, it seems the Pittock’s are content with where they are, and just enjoy tidying up the house or moving furniture at times. It’s open most of the year for tours, and strangely enough most of the ghost sightings are during the day, not just at night like most spots.

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To check out photos of the house’s interior and more, along with getting information on touring the mansion, visit the official website at: www.pittockmansion.org

7. Oregon Institute of Technology – Klamath Falls, OR

The old Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) was used for many years, then suddenly abandoned and no one is quite sure why. Parts of the building were demolished and it fell into a state of complete disrepair. The hill it resides next to is supposed Satanic cult territory where regular ceremonies have been known to happen; and many people walking through the remains of the buildings find strange rock formations with animal bones in the center that seem like sacrificial areas. There are several walls of some of the buildings left, and occasionally an explorer will find some covered in old blood.

Shadowy apparitions have been seem frequently around the campus, and the faint sound of chanting is often heard, accompanied by loud banging sounds. Stranger even is the fact that near the entrance there are several 30-40 ft. poles with giant tires hanging from the top, uniquely placed and possibly a marker for some kind of cult gathering. Many people state they feel a heavy ominous presence just walking around here, and the modern ruins are a great spot for photos if you’re interested in maybe catching a ghost in the background of some rad urban photography.

 8. Multnomah County Poor Farm (Now McMenamins Edgefield) – Troutdale, OR

In the early 1900’s this farm in Troutdale was a place the unfortunate, sick, poor, and homeless people could come to live and work for their stay. Many people died of natural causes and in random ways over the course of a half-century. So many people came and went, its hard to estimate how many people actually died on this property – but the number was larger than most other farms. The people weren’t malevolent, but just depressed and living extremely tough lives of extremely hard labor and the struggle of staying alive throughout the century.

After the Portland-local restaurant chain McMenamins built a hotel, brewery, and venue on the property in 1990, guests have reported strange occurrences all over the land. From all the reports that the staff and owners have gathered, it seems for some reason room 215 is the most haunted by number of occurrences. The hotel even has a log by the front desk for guests to write about any paranormal activity they experience while staying there, and even the staff themselves have experienced all kinds of strange paranormal activity.

One great thing about this haunted location is that it’s a beautiful place to visit! Great outdoor concerts in an amphitheater, freshly brewed beer and whiskey, cigar lounges, an epic hotel and swimming pool, and much much more. Sounds like a great place to hunt a ghost. For more information or to book a vacation – and why not ask for room #215? – just go to the official website at: www.mcmenamins.com

 9. McMenamins Grand Lodge – Forest Grove, OR

Another McMenamins property rumored to be haunted is the Grand Lodge. Guests have reported seeing an elderly woman all around the property, and in rooms disturbing guests. There’s even a photograph that captured an image of the ghostly woman; the hotel proudly displays it in the lobby. On their website, they catalog different experiences and you can check some out HERE.

For more information on booking a room in this haunted hotel, visit: www.mcmenamins.com/GrandLodge

10. Crosian Creek Road – Salem, OR

This sure is one creepy spot in the road! Apparently a little girl was killed while walking across the street by a speeding car. Ever since then, there have been multiple reports of seeing a little girl and boy along the road. One of the more frequent sightings is directly around a notoriously sharp corner, where many drivers will see a ball rolling across the street with a girl chasing it. Others reported that while speeding, they’d see a small boy appear on the side of the road waving at them to slow down, but he never appears in the rear-view mirror or when looking back.

 11. Highway 101Near Cannon Beach, OR

All along this beautiful stretch of highway along the Oregon coast, there have been reports back as far as the early 1960’s of people seeing a man whose face is covered in bandages appear on the side of the road, or behind your car in the rear-view mirror. Several people have claimed to even see him in the backseat of their car through their mirror, but after turning around would find no one there. Supposedly the best place to sight this strange man is to go down the now abandoned old highway that runs parallel to the main highway through the forest. But you definitely want to go at night, as day sightings are practically non-existent.


What did you think of our finds? Have you ever been to any of these places and encountered something out of this world? Let us know your story in the comments below!



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