Viewer Video: The Boy Who Cried… While Wrestling A Girl?

The internet is all too comfortable with shaming and bullying, and I can’t stress it enough that this is not that kind of video. Yes, in this viewer submitted video there is a little boy and a little girl locked in a fierce battle of skill, whit and strength, and there are a few tears, but really, who wouldn’t be left crying all the way home after being taken to town by this badass little girl?

In honor of women’s day (03/08/2016) and women the world over, without further adieu, enjoy!

Disclaimer: the video is a little grainy but it’s totally worth the view.

The Boy Who Cried… While Wrestling A Girl?

What begins as your run-of-the-mill children’s wrestling match takes a surprising turn.

At the start of the match the young boy is pretty dominant. A few take-downs, aggressive holds and a consistent top positioning that is equal parts a sign of good coaching as it is of impending exhaustion would lead many to think the boy has it “in the bag.”

He takes her to the ground and she resists. He counters a trip and she holds steady and strong. He clings to her back like an unpleasant leech as she trots around carrying his dead weight (maybe a premonition of future events?) and through it all the young girl is seen brandishing an exuberant smile. She’s having fun no matter the outcome.

Take-down after take-down you see the girl’s speed and resilience growing, and that is when the tables turn. She takes a moment to look at the referee and her coach before tossing the young boy to the ground.

To quote one of my favorite indie films of all time, “That’s all she frickin’ wrote.”

After a few more maneuvers the girl is declared the victor, and the boy is both winded and frustrated.

We all know the feeling, buddy. Hang in there. Life get’s better…

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