Yes, we know mother’s day was a week ago. But why shouldn’t we celebrate our mother’s all year long after all she brought you in to this world, and for all her mistakes and successes she raised you and (hopefully) showed you how to be a functional member of society. What better way to show your appreciation and love than by making her feel like shit on this very special day? Let the Mother’s Day pranks begin!

VidComp: Mother’s Day Pranks

This week’s video compilation brings you a few nice and a few not so nice pranks on mothers around the world (really, just the US). Some mother’s take the pranks in stride, and others resort to fisticuffs.

Either way, whether it’s a collection of absurd selfies printed in the tackiest of fashion on plain white printer paper, or smashing your mother’s aging mac book with a hammer, it’s the little things that count when showing that special lady that spent so many years birthing, raising and caring for you (in most cases) that you really do care.

Love you, mom! Now, watch yo’ back!


Do you choose this special occasion over all others to dish out some love-hate (that’s what I call pranks followed by gifts/hugs/kisses)? Do you find it weird to prank your mother? Let us know by commenting below and sharing on Facebook! Also, send us any videos you’ve made while pranking your madre and they just might end up on a future VidComp!

Additional Image: AmO