Totally ‘Freaky’ Dental Fashion Accessories

Have you ever worn something so unique most everyone can’t help but notice? And has anyone ever started a conversation with you because of your truly unique fashion item?

Yup, wearing something that truly stands out is a great way to start a conversation. Take these dental-themed fashion accessories for example. They are truly unique and some are a bit freaky. Don’t you think?

Let’s start with ConcaveOblivion, which is an Etsy shop that sells really outlandish fashion items. Here are a few you can buy there.

Denture Hair Comb

Denture Compact

Braces Ring

Denture Rings

Denture Bracelets

Denture iPhone Case

Dental-Themed Necklaces

Monster Necklaces

Here’s another one that got me saying “eww.” But hey, if you can pull this off, it might actually look cute. This necklace is made from denture teeth the seller got from from a dentist.

This one looks creepy and cute, too.

Human Tooth Necklace

This one’s marketed as a “great dentist gift.” Maybe? The necklace has an antique silver oval pendant, on which is mounted a real human tooth.

False Teeth Necklace

This is another necklace that makes creative use of denture teeth. It’s marketed as a “strange eccentric jewelry” fit for pop culture or retro style. But you be the judge of that.

Molar Necklace, Earrings, and Ring Set

Have you ever fancied a mandibular second molar hanging upon your neck? You’re in luck because you can actually buy one at Etsy. And why not complete the look with these molar earrings and molar ring?

Here’s another molar tooth necklace, complete with the roots.

Hair Pins and Clips

Denture Belt Buckle

Denture teeth are not limited to necklace pendants. Someone actually made a belt buckle out of vintage human denture teeth. It definitely makes for a strong statement.

Shoes Made from Molar Teeth

Fashion is more than following trends. It is about understanding yourself and expressing that through your choice of clothes and accessories. So, go ahead. Wear these dental-themed accessories if that’s your style. But seek your dentist’s advice regarding their safety first.


What other weird or freaky fashion accessories have you come across lately?


Additional Images: Etsy



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