Board Games You Won’t Believe Exist

Most people think of board games as innocent activities meant for children. But, there are plenty of controversial, sexual, and not so innocent games out there. Here are some board games you won’t believe exist, because their concepts are out of this world.

The Sinking Of The Titanic Game

Even though the sinking of the Titanic resulted in the deaths of over a thousand men and women, it was turned into a “fun” board game. The goal of the game is to try to help your fellow passengers into lifeboats before the ship goes down. Once it does, players need to eat enough food and water to stay alive until a rescue boat arrives. Whoever gets to safety first is the winner.

Project Pornstar

This game comes with a deck of cards with inappropriate pictures. The images include exposed nipples and breasts, but they’re in cartoon form. The goal of the game is to make as much money in the adult film industry as you can by picking up cards with attractive actors and props. If you pick up cards with creepy, unattractive men and women on them, you’ll end up losing the game.

BP Offshore Oil Strike

Oil spills are no laughing matter. That didn’t stop BP Offshore Oil Strike from becoming a board game fit “for all the family” back in the 1970s. The purpose of the game is to search for oil and lay down pipelines. The game wasn’t popular back in the 70s, but gained notariety in 2010 after the oil spill in the Gulf when news stations reminded the world of the board game in order to prove how careless BP can be.

I Vant To Bite Your Finger

This game is all about luck. All the players have to do is roll a die and then turn the clock that comes with the game. If they roll a five, they turn the clock five times. If they roll a two, they turn the clock two times. One unlucky player will end up getting “bit” by the vampire, which chomps down on their fingers with red markers. If you get marked, then you have to go back to the start of the board.

Guess Poo?

Board game parodies are all over the place, and some of them are made by normal, everyday people. We’ve all seen hundreds of different versions of Monopoly, but there are also a few versions of Guess Who. The strangest one is called Guess Poo, which asks players to guess what type of feces the other player picked. It was developed by a man who just wanted to give his nephew something fun to play with.

Mr Bacon’s Big Adventure

This game is similar to Candy Land, except it’s all about meat products. The goal is to successfully navigate Meatland with your bacon character trying to reach the frying pan first. Two to four players are able to take part in this game, and it’s even appropriate for children. It just shouldn’t be played while you’re hungry.

Freedom: The Underground Railroad

This is a highly controversial board game, considering it’s all about the slave trade. The players are meant to move as many slaves as they can from the United States to Canada to give them their freedom. This game is not a competitive one. Two to four players work together in order to raise funds and assist as many people as they can. It’s all about teamwork.


What’s the strangest board game you’ve seen sold in stores?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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