It might be difficult to explain why, but there is something about humanity that pushes people towards competition. Whether it is a friendly competition with friends or a serious competition that you might wager on, humans have a natural proclivity towards pushing the limits. This shows through quite clearly if you consult the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course, while some of these records are impressive, others are just downright strange. Looking at the last 60 years, here are some really weird world records that you might not know about.

Twins Don’t Let Twins Diet

In 1978, wrestlers Billy and Benny McCrary set a world record that most people likely never want to get close to. In an official weigh-in, these twins tipped the scales at 337 kg (742.9 lbs) and 328 kg (723.1 lbs), making them the heavier twins on record. With waists hitting the 2.13 meter mark (that’s 84 inches), they hit a mark that isn’t likely to be broken anytime soon.

How Is That Even Possible?

In 1985, a tap dancer by the name of Roy Castle decided to approach a more desirable record when he looked to achieve the fastest time to perform 1,000,000 taps. Of course, a tap dance of this magnitude is pretty insane in its own right, and one might wonder how he was able to tap away for a solid 23 hours and 44 minutes to achieve this record.

That’s A Lot Of Catnip

A few years later, Blackie made history for the entire feline community as its owner died and passed on a sizable inheritance. In fact, when his owner died in 1988, he was left with approximately $12.5 million, which effectively made him the world’s wealthiest cat.

Now That’s An Exercise Record to Strive For

When you are at a busy mall and have a lot of shopping to do, there is no better way to get around then utilizing the escalators. Apparently, Suresh Joachim of Sri Lanka decided to run with this concept as he embarked on the longest escalator ride in 1998. He traveled a total of 225.4 km (140 miles). Do they count the distance he had to walk to go between the up and down escalators? How do you go so far without cramping up? Whatever the case, this seems like an easier feat than walking all that distance.

Other Weird World Records

At this point, it seems that people actively look for ways to add something new to these weird world records. Oftentimes, they sacrifice their own health or wellness to achieve something that you might never imagine wanting to achieve. Despite this, they get their 15 minutes, which often seems to be worth the price.


Are there any other weird world records you think should be included on this list? Which of these is the strangest? Let us know what you think in the comments below.




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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