This Guy’s An Animal! You Won’t Believe His Reaction To Being Attacked By A Bear

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September 19, 2016
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This Guy’s An Animal! You Won’t Believe His Reaction To Being Attacked By A Bear


What would you do if you were attacked by a bear? Find help? Seek medical attention? Post on Facebook? This and more was accomplished and survived by Montana resident Todd Orr in his horrific escape from potential death. Lucky to be alive, Todd recounted the day’s events with a calm demeanor belying what he had just been through. The amazing chain of events of being attacked by a bear went like this.

Scouting Around


Before the bloody events, Todd was just looking around for a good hunting spot near a place called ‘Bear Creek’. Yes, the name says it all. Near Bear Creek, Todd ran into a mother Grizzly bear who was along for a morning stroll with her cub. Somehow sensing Todd’s future intentions, mother bear decided to take preventative action. As you can see, Todd looks very different when all of his blood is inside of him.

Debate: Who’s Hunting Who?


Mama Bear charged Todd but Todd was ready with his bear spray… to no avail. The bear bit Todd in his arms, head and shoulder. But, the bear wasn’t finished. After wounding Todd severely, the bear then climbed aboard and stood on Todd. I can just somehow visualize this bear in a loin cloth standing on Todd, beating her chest and yelling like Tarzan for the whole world to hear. Since Grizzlies can weigh near a thousand pounds, that had to hurt.

You Did What?


Let’s be very clear here. Todd did not take time to pose with the bear and take a selfie. What Todd did before anything else was to walk the three miles back to his truck, call 911 and then drive himself to the hospital. It wasn’t until the eight hour period spent in the hospital that Todd took the time to post pictures and comments on his Facebook page telling his friends that he was OK. Even more amazing than his trek and drive to the hospital by himself was the fact that Todd maintained his calmness throughout. Me? I would not have reacted so calmly.

That Had To Hurt


Just a flesh wound? How deep does flesh go? That looks more like the Grand Canyon. That’s going to leave more than a scar. Surgery must be like deep pit mining. The only silver lining I can see in this picture is that Halloween is not that far away. Save money on the costume, Todd. Just flash them your new haircut. Though I think they cut off a little too much on the side. That is not how a Mullet is supposed to look.

Muzzle Velocity


Look at the size of those teeth compared to the full size man hands holding the muzzle open. Those are some serious canines. Just imagine how much damage a full set of teeth can do. The Grizzly that attacked Todd wasn’t half toothless as in this picture. It had full dentals and she knew how to use them. While you are looking, scan down. Don’t ignore those claws and how long they are. What a Grizzly doesn’t bite into can be just as easily sliced and diced with a flick of the wrist.


Todd’s A Nice Guy But Can You Blame Momma Grizzly For Protecting Her Cub?