They Are Like Giant Children…Celebrities Losing Their Shit

A recent video of John Stamos was released to Youtube by People. It shows an out of control reaction by the popular actor containing profanity and a tirade against a receptionist who clearly does not make executive decisions for the company. Why did the “Fuller House” star lose control and act like a giant child? Why does anyone? In Stamos’s case, he felt that his brand was being cheapened by an April Fool’s joke on the famous star. Justification of said tirade need not apply. Here are some other giant children of the celebrity world.

Lou Piniella

Piniella will always be one of my favorites in the baseball world so his inclusion here is done with respect and love. Tirades are famous in the sports world and no one could do them better than Piniella. From kicking dirt on an umpire to throwing first or second base into the outfield (sometimes both), Piniella could act out like the best of the giant children. His temper was legendary. But, so was the respect among fellow teammates. He was considered George Steinbrenner’s favorite when he played for the Yankees. One charming effect of his showmanship? His players always loved playing for him. Heck, even the umpires liked him.

Orson Welles

The man who gave style and dignity to almost anything, tried to give his services for frozen peas. Yes, besides the fine wine before its time, Orson also tried to give his dignity to a frozen pea. Actually, his problem was not with the small round of green. It was with two directors in the booth who were trying to direct the master director in the proper use of the English language. Anyone can have a bad day that leads to a meltdown but no one could rant with the dignity and class of the master. Especially against two helpless directors stuck in a booth as heard in this YouTube clip.

Jim Carrey On Twitter

Who else could give such out of control tirades but still be perfectly in control? Jim Carrey has been creatively showing the giant child of himself throughout his career. In a masterstroke, Carrey also has taken to Twitter to show his take on the insanity and irony of the world with his #BOING hashtag. Check it out for some great rants.

You Can’t Handle The Truth

Of course, rants and meltdowns of giant children can happen in the fictional world as well. In “A Few Good Men,” Jack gives the ultimate fictional meltdown to Tom Cruise’s character in arguably the most famous meltdown of all when he challenges Cruise with “You can’t handle the truth.” It is still a popular meme. This is so memorable that even people who haven’t seen the movie know what this is about.

Donald Trump

To end this list, the man who seems to base his presidential campaign on meltdowns leads the way for the giant child celebrities of the world. From “We need Global Warming” to making Mexico pay for a great wall between the two countries, The Donald has been fascinating followers since the French Revolution. Sometimes making sense to WTF moments, he always let’s us know where he stands, even if we don’t always understand him.


What personal meltdown do you deny?

Additional Image: Photopin