Farmer’ Is A Real Thing… What Other Unique Dating Sites Are Out There?

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August 10, 2016
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Farmer’ Is A Real Thing… What Other Unique Dating Sites Are Out There?

How do you find that one true love? Is it possible to locate that unique person who shares the same feelings as you? Could there be that one person who matches better with us than anyone else? With all the dating sites on the Internet the ease of searching can become even more muddled. That is why dating sites are becoming more and more unique every day. It whittles out the unnecessary chafe that would waste our time. By eliminating those who don’t share our little idiosyncrasies, that one true person has an easier time to shine bright. Put on your sunglasses. Here are just a few of the unique dating sites on the web.


You would think just saying zombie would be all that is needed to find a match on Saturday night, right? Wrong. There is so much to being a zombie today. Just as important as your blood type, you wouldn’t want to have children with someone who’s lineage involves a radioactive meteor while your family is a bunch of mutated viruses. What would the children look like? This  is one of those unique dating sites that eliminates all of those headaches.

Gluten Free

Finally one our unique dating sites actually makes sense. After all, if we split up on smoking and nonsmoking, why not on other eating or health alternatives? Having that other someone who could understand the trouble of going gluten-free in a gluten-filled world would be a big help. United we stand. Divided we break out in rashes.

Furry Fandom



If I just considered all the different fetishes, it would fill a set of encyclopedias, never mind a book or this article. People can get turned on by anything you can think of and many more that you can’t. Don’t forget, no matter how we match to each other, all couples involve attraction to one another. So creating a unique dating site based on attraction to dressing up as anthropomorphic animals makes sense. I wonder if their first date involves going to a game and checking out the mascot?

Don’t you just hate it when the thought of marriage comes up on the first date? Well, some people don’t want to wait that long. With this unique dating site you can start the conversation during your first emails. Why waste all of that time with romantic dinners and wondering if he is going to call or not? You could even make your first date to the chapel!


No, this is not a place for your mom to find her Romeo. It is for your mom to find a date FOR YOU! On this unique dating site, matchmaking is done the old traditional way. Let your mom pick your date for you. Who better to take care of you than letting the woman who changed your diapers pick the gal who will change you life? I’m not feeling  a lot of agreement among the men and women out there.


What one thing would you want in common with your next date?