September 2, 2016

Farmer’ Is A Real Thing… What Other Unique Dating Sites Are Out There?

How do you find that one true love? Is it possible to locate that unique person who shares the same […]
November 23, 2015

Is Online Dating Getting Safer?

If you are like most people, then you probably have utilized online dating, had a friend who has, or thought […]
June 29, 2015
hot chilli pepper red food fire hot

7 Aphrodisiacs You Probably Already Own

Whether you want to raise your own libido or seduce your partner, aphrodisiacs can help. Most aphrodisiacs are common items […]
June 22, 2015

7 Ways To Tell if Someone Will Be Great In the Sack

If you’re questioning whether or not you should take the next step with your partner, knowing how good they are […]
June 9, 2015
couple in bed

Sex: Just Enjoyment? Or Insecurity?

We can all agree that sex is a whole lot of fun. However, we won’t all agree on the reasons […]
May 21, 2015

7 Great Ways of Initiating Sex

Even when you find a person to spend the rest of your life with, it can be difficult to initiate […]
April 18, 2015

Paula Abdul Was Wrong: Opposites Don’t Attract

While it may be one of people’s favorite clichés, science has shown that when it comes to physical attraction, opposites, […]
April 5, 2015, OKCupid, or Tinder?

Dating is all about finding someone who shares similar interests and connecting with him or her. It’s about getting to […]