Amidst all of the bad news that populates our feeds on a daily basis, there are a few hidden gems that are sure to brighten your day. Funny stories or tales of stupid criminals are sure to make you laugh, but there is only one type of new story that will make your heart melt. We present to you, the cutest animal rescues of 2016 so far. We hope these inspire you to help those in need, whether they have fur or not.

Man (And Turtle’s) Best Friend

You may have noticed that your dog always seems to know how you’re feeling. If you’re sad, your dog will lay by you to comfort you. If you’re happy, your dog is right there jumping by your side. Turns out that dogs also like to assist in some of the cutest animal rescues, too. A New Orleans man out fishing noticed a turtle entangled in some fishing line. As he worked to free the trapped animal, a curious dog named Sissy swam up to the man’s boat to help in any way she could. Eventually, the man is able to free the turtle with the help of a stick, but Sissy’s encouragement certainly helped.

Snap Them Up

You wouldn’t think that snapping turtles would be the main stars in one of the cutest animal rescues, but they are when they’ve just hatched. A couple of unique looking, two day old snapping turtles were rescued from a pool in Massachusetts by the local police. The Massachusetts Environmental Police said that one of the turtles was albino and the other was thought to be melanistic, which is the opposite of albino. Since the babies have a low chance of thriving in the wild, a specialist took them in to train and rehabilitate them.

I’m Walkin’ Here!

Some of the cutest animal rescues make you wonder how the poor animal got in its predicament in the first place. Such is the case with this rescue which took place in Minnesota. The local police department received a few reports that an almost 40 pound turtle was trying to cross a busy highway. Officer Spencer Barrie responded to another officer’s call for backup. Barrie had only been on the force for a month, so this was his first (and likely last) turtle rescue.

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Yet another of the cutest animal rescues of 2016 involved a turtle. A loggerhead sea turtle was found on its back, stuck in between rocks at the Blowing Rocks Preserve in Florida. The Florida Wildlife Commission and Nature Conservancy groups teamed up to help flip the sea turtle around and free her from the rocks. Luckily, the turtle wasn’t injured and, after getting flipped over, she quickly crawled back to the nearby water.


What is one of the cutest animal rescues you’ve ever seen?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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