It’s summertime and the travel bug is biting you. The only problem is your wallet is a tad light this time of year. Not to worry, though. We’ve gathered 10 of the best tips we could find to allow you to vacation this summer with plenty of cash left to spare.

1. Challenge Yourself

Sometimes the best way to travel is by taking on a challenge. There are several companies like Global Adventure Challenges that will help you organize a group to go on a great adventure like mountain climbing. You simply need to raise money from sponsors and one of these companies will put everything together and donate all of the money raised to charity.

2. Organize A Tour

If you want to travel with a group, but don’t want to do something extreme like mountain climbing, just get a group of your friends or students, if you’re a teacher, and coordinate with a company that conducts tours. They offer discounts for groups, plus you get to travel with a big group of friends and family.

3. Work Around The World

If your job skills allow you to work from anywhere, why not do it? Even if your resume doesn’t allow for remote work, you can visit websites like to find jobs that are outdoors like fruit picking or trail maintenance. Working outside is the best way to experience a new place anyway.

4. Work For Your Room

The best way to get a free hostel while your traveling is to polish your negotiation skills and ask the manager if you can work in return for a night’s stay. There’s even websites where you can schedule this agreement before you get to your destination.

5. Smart Shopping

It’s a well-known fact that airline flights are cheaper on certain days of the week, so plan your shopping wisely. If you’re going to Europe, you shouldn’t have a problem finding discount flights because there are many discount airlines overseas.

6. Study Hard

If you’re a student, there are many opportunities for you to travel cheaply. Keep your eyes out for scholarships that different places offer, allowing (and paying!) for you to study in their country.


The World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms often advertises for volunteers to come help them on their farms. You do have to pay a small membership fee to gain access to view the list of farms in the group that participate. Often times, you can get a free room just for working on a farm. Usually you’ll get to sample some of the crop, too.

8. Drive Around

When people move, sometimes they want to bring their cars with them, but they don’t want to drive it themselves. This is where you come in. The best way to find opportunities to do this is to keep your eye out for ads inquiring for drivers. While you may need to meet a deadline and you’ll need to arrange for transportation home, it’s potentially a great way to experience the open road.

9. Use Your Thumb

Hitchhiking is always an option that can be effective. If you’re not completely comfortable with hanging out on the side of road, look for ads from people who are traveling where you’re going. Everyone pitches in for gas and you may meet some new friends – win/win!

10. House Swap

If you’ve seen the movie “The Holiday,” you already know where this suggestion is headed. Swap houses with someone who lives where you want to travel. There are several websites that offer this service, so if you’re a homeowner, get to swapping!


What is your best tip for cheap travel?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
Kirstin is an IT worker by day and a freelance writer by night. When not behind a computer screen, she can be found exploring one of central Florida's famous theme parks or embarking on a new adventure. You can read about her adventures at Fun Orlando Ideas!