Have You Been Charging Your Phone Wrong?

Mobile phones are so common now that everyone knows how to use them properly, right? Since a two-year-old child can use an iPhone, surely an adult can handle using and charging a phone. Or can they? Have you been charging your phone wrong all this time?

How To Charge Your Phone The Wrong Way

Many people charge their phone when the battery is dead or nearly dead, and try to charge it until the phone is fully recharged – like overnight. While this may be a common way to charge a smartphone, it is also a sure way to stress the Lithium-Ion battery in smartphones and cause it to not perform optimally.

The Best Way To Charge Your Phone

According to the Battery University website, Lithium-Ion batteries like those used in smartphones perform better when they are not left on the charger for long periods of time. Once a phone battery is charged to 100 percent, the battery continues to be trickle charged until it is disconnected from the charger. This long-term trickle charge basically stresses the battery and has a negative effect on the battery’s chemistry.

A better approach to charging smartphones is to just plug it in for a while at various times during the day. The ideal scenario for charging a smartphone battery is to charge it whenever it loses 10 percent of its charge, according to Battery University. Of course, most people will not want to monitor battery usage that closely, and probably would not always be able to immediately charge the battery anyway. The good news is that just charging the battery for a little while at different times throughout the day will keep it working better than charging it from nearly dead or keeping it on the charger after it has charged.

Another important charging detail is to be careful of heat. Smartphones often become warm while the battery is charging, but excessive heat can damage the battery and lead to premature battery failure. Be particularly careful about charging the phone while it is sitting near another heat source, while it is in the sun, or while the phone is covered in a case that may retain heat.

Charging a smartphone may be a daily chore for most of us, but keeping these tips in mind can help to make your battery perform better and last longer. Smartphone batteries often need to be replaced by an authorized service center so making them last as long as possible helps to avoid the inconvenience and expense of a battery replacement.


How do you charge your smartphone? Do you charge it a little bit at a time or do you fully charge it and keep it on the charger to trickle charge?




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