You Won’t Believe These Musical Animals

Animals, especially our beloved pets, provide us with a lot of enjoyment. This is usually accomplished by enthusiastically greeting us at the door, snuggling with us, and making us laugh. Can you imagine if they could play a musical instrument for our entertainment, too? Well, it turns out that some of them can. Marvel at these musical animals and see if you can pick up any tips on how to teach your own pet the same talent.

Chicken Pecking On A Piano

If you consider the likelihood of certain animals to be musical animals, birds should be high on your list. When trained properly, their beaks serve as the perfect tool to play a piano with. The video above, filmed with a GoPro, showcases a prime example of a chicken pecking the keys of a piano with great skill. Not surprisingly, as this musical animal’s owner is a French composer named Igorrr. Although some skeptics may think that Igorr may have edited the video so that Patrick the chicken’s playing sounds better than it actually is, Igorr swears that he only provided the background accompaniment and let Patrick’s natural talent shine. Bravo, Patrick!

Howl At The Moon

Hounds are already known as one of the more musical animals, as far as dogs go. This basset hound, though, takes that reputation to a whole new level when he adds a piano. He’s most certainly not singing an upbeat tune. You can almost picture him in a smoky bar, with sunglasses on, singing the blues. Regardless of the tone of his tune, he provides an example that every dog should strive for.

Paws On Piano

With over 45 million views, this cat is perhaps the most famous of the musical animals. Wearing an eye-catching aqua blue shirt, this golden cat disproves the stereotype of cats 1.) not putting up with any sort of clothing on their body and 2.) playing piano. If you haven’t noticed, many different types of animals seem to have talent sitting in front of a piano. If you’re inspired to teach your own pet how to play a musical instrument, you’ll probably want to start with the piano.

Ever Play A Flute That Way?

It would be difficult to train an animal of any kind to play a flute the traditional way (you know, with your mouth). If you’re lucky enough to have a horse, why not try putting the flute in another one of its orifices on its face; the nose! Even better, you two can turn it into a shared activity. Since a horse doesn’t have fingers, you’ll need to hold the flute in its nose and actually cover/uncover the flute’s holes. This is a lot more work than plopping your pet in front of a piano, but it’s sure to be a nifty party trick.


What is the best musical animal you’ve ever seen?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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