VidComp: Parrots Who Can Rock Out With Their Cockatoo Out

These birds just can’t seem to get enough of the good ol’ grooves and neither can we. Watch closely as the animal kingdom, bettering humanity yet again, shows us all how to really enjoy our music thanks to these parrots who can rock!

Disclaimer: all cockatoos should be left in their designated concealment areas, out of sight and out of mind, unless this is the sort of thing that really lets you loose your goose, then by all means be our guest… just don’t tell us about it later…besides if you know anything about parrots, you know they are never going to allow you to leave them out of sight and out of mind. Love your birds!

Disclaimer’s Disclaimer: None of the birds featured in this video were harmed (other than a few cases of whiplash and an insatiable appetite for metal)… they aren’t even all Parrots…

VidComp: Parrots Who Can Rock Out With Their Cockatoo Out

When examining the choice between bringing you these purely joyous videos in their original glory or being faced with some sort of twice-removed, second cousin of a copyright law (the song in the recording of the video of the bird with a song was overdubbed on a blue moon on the 32nd parallel while a dog was taking a dump in the forest, therefore the claim is valid) we opted for glory.

The music we enjoy really says something about the kind of people (or birds) we are.


Have you seen an equally hilarious video of a bird rocking out that didn’t make it onto our list? Does watching an animal enjoying the simplicity and emotion of cadence and rhythm bring a smile to your face in these dark days? Let us know! Comment below and share on Facebook!