VidComp: Greatest 4th Of July Firework Fails

It’s that special time of year, when we get to celebrate the courageous and ambitious separation from Great Britain that our forefathers fought and died for. A time of revel usually accompanied by copious amounts of alcohol, brawls, and of course, explosives.

*language warning

VidComp: Greatest 4th Of July Firework Fails

This week we compiled a few of our favorite clips of firework fails (the title of the article might be cheating just a bit…) with the cautious addition that you cats will be safe and smart out there during this momentous American-ist of all American holidays.

Kicking it all off we have fireworks and cars, with the second clip being of particular impressiveness.

Then we found a few clips of fireworks gone bad, either through faulty manufacturing or poor design.

Finally, we bring you a few nut shots, a concerned neighbor, and one of the most destructive displays of misplaced fireworks we have ever seen. We won’t dock him any points for creativity…


Do you have outrageous videos of fireworks shenanigans? Have you lost a finger, or testicle, or two and want to share your harrowing tale? We definitely want to hear/see it! Comment below and share on Facebook!