Vid Comp – Best April Fools’ Jokes

It’s that special time of year. Most of the country is still enveloped in a chill, some are even facing blizzard conditions, so what better way to embrace the warmth than by boiling some blood by means of inconsiderate, and often f***** up, April Fools’ jokes?


Video Compilation – Best April Fools’ Jokes or That Time We Stopped Being Friends

We begin with a classic from the internet, both in terms of pranks and pranksters. This poor sap gets his ass super glued to a toilet seat, courtesy of his good friend (or brother?). I honestly don’t know why they still hang out with each other.

Then we head on over to the angriest, funniest grandpa this side of the Mason-Dixon line. He gets a face full of syrup and saran wrap. “You dirty bastard!!!”

Next, we take a look at a few “pranks gone wrong” (as they’re known) in which a young lady surprises her friend (or lover? Dah-dah-dah?!?!?) but in the process they lose all of their liquid courage. It’s a shame really.

Then, we watch as a young lady successfully blows the candles out on her birthday cake just to have her friend smash her face into the sugary treat like a drunk coed… I made that joke last week… Nevertheless, the young lady lies in her shame, or possibly unconsciousness as her friends’ laughter turns into concern. You could say her flame was extinguished in that heavy blow… #KillMeNow

Next we see what a large and heavy water balloon thrown to the dome from a second-story window looks like as it sends a kid face-first into the concrete below, and then we see the consequences of not wearing a seat belt in the car.

Finally, we find ourselves at possibly the most iconic April Fools’ Day joke of all time. It’s a joke many of us have tried at least once in our lives. The dedication alone to compiling the video is worth respect, but the real pleasure is in seeing the temper on full tilt as this father overreacts to the smallest bit of water on his shirt. Classic.


Do you have any April Fools’ Day prank videos worth showing? How about a friendship-destroying story that left you with a bunch of awkward silence? Do you want to see more vid comps? Let us know: comment below and share on Facebook!