Trust Fund Animals You’ll Wish You Were

Sometimes, you can’t help but look at your favorite animal friend and feel somewhat envious. These carefree creatures have none of the stress that we deal with as humans. They have no bills to pay, no jobs to perform, or any real responsibility in life. In fact, while we are out breaking our backs to keep the house afloat, they are sitting at home and just enjoying their time on this earth. Of course, while you might feel that your favorite pet has it easy, they have nothing on these trust fund animals. Loaded up with more money than you might ever see in your lifetime, some of these animals were just born at the right time.

Can You Even Get An Animal Trust Fund?

According to the ASPCA, 49 of the 50 states, plus the District of Columbia,  have all instituted their own animal trust fund laws. In effect, almost anyone throughout the United States is able to set up a trust fund for their favorite pet. In fact, these funds have become such a big thing that companies are popping up around the country promising to help provide your pet with the money it needs should you find yourself leaving him or her behind on this earth.

Animal Trust Funds Are Serious Business

If you still think that these animal trust funds are a joke, the ASPCA goes so far as to include detailed laws and regulations on their website about the subject. In fact, they offer some alternatives if you find that you live in an area that doesn’t allow for trust fund animals. One of these options is to set up a living trust, which would appoint a caregiver to the animal and provide the caregiver with money so long as they continue to take care of your animal. In many cases, this might actually be a better option anyways, as it ensures they get proper care. If the trust is mishandled, it lead to lawsuits.

In a recent lawsuit, a caretaker for a $100,000 trust fund dachshund actually filed against the owner’s estate after the fund failed to pay for adequete care. More specifically, the caregiver pointed out that she has been experiencing $6,000 in annual expenses to care for the dog, including a $5,775 emergency surgery in 2015. Allegedly, the trust issues a check for this surgery but the initial check bounced. Now, she claims that this is just one of the failures she has noticed.

Some Of The Wealthiest Trust Fund Animals

While this might seem excessive, some trust providers actually suggest that the average trust fund animals get anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 in their account. This might not seem like a lot for a human, but considering that these four-legged companions contribute nothing of their own, it seems like a grand lifestyle. More than this, some of the more wealth put owners have been rumored to move beyond the $100,000 mark. In these cases, many of the animals will inherit more in their trust than most people will make a year in their job.


Do you know of any trust fund animals that have inherited more than $100,000? Do you plan on getting a trust fund for your favorite pets, or do you think the whole business is silly? Let us know what you think below.




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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