Top 7 Incredible Things Happening in Nature Right Now

Even amidst all the stories of global warming and the destruction that man has wrought on earth, nature always finds a way to amaze. If you spend the time exploring her beauty and wonders, you quickly understand that there is no force greater than nature. Whether new or old, here are 10 incredible things happening in nature right now that help demonstrate this reality.

1. UFO Clouds

Actually, these particular clouds are called lenticular clouds. They occur thanks to moist air streams around the top of mountains that become heated. From a distance, it is easy to see how someone could mistake them for a UFO though.

2. Underwater Crop Circles

Deep beneath that beautiful ocean that you boat in, puffer fish are looking to attract a mate. As part of that mating ritual, people get a glimpse at just how mysterious and beautiful nature can be. The male puffer fish create these “crop circles” as part of their ritual to attract a female. So, the next time you complain about how hard dating is, remember that at least you don’t have to do this.

3. Animals Are Being Petrified

Though they are not actually being petrified in that cool fantasy sense, any animal that makes the mistake of landing in Lake Natron in Tanzania finds that they not only die, but also become calcified and preserved in the lake. This is due to the inhospitable environment, which simply cannot support life.

4. Glaciers Are Bleeding

No, these glaciers aren’t actually bleeding, either, but it sure looks like they are. Created due to the iron oxide in the water, these melting glaciers appear to be bleeding.

5. Spiders Are Eating Trees

Well, if you are really hoping for the title to accurately display what is happening, sorry to disappoint again. As terrifyingly awesome as it would be for spiders to eat trees, they are not. Instead, spiders in Pakistan decide that the best way to hide during monsoon season is to wrap these trees up in tight cocoons, making for one amazing sight.

6. The Never-Ending Storm

While this storm is not actually never-ending, it can go for as long as half the year. More properly called Catatumbo lightning, it occurs above Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela and rages on for months at a time. So, if you think storms are bad where you live, at least be grateful you don’t have to deal with them non-stop.

7. Life Is Being Created

OK. This one might sound corny, but the simple truth is that the most incredible thing happening in nature every day is the triumph of life. The actual process of creating offspring and giving birth is still one of the most amazing processes on the planet and without this natural process no one would even be around to appreciate everything else. Whether it is human life being born or some other animal that you might never see, life is the foundation of nature.


Are there any other amazing things happening in nature right now that you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below.



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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