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August 27, 2016

Oddest Museums…Anyone Want Ice Cream?

Whether for art, history, or just something unusual, museums are some of the most exciting points of interest in any […]
July 27, 2016

You Won’t Believe The Shit People Have Stolen

While you might be able to say with confidence you wouldn’t steal anything yourself, it is easy to understand why […]
February 13, 2016

10 Mysterious Places in India

From religious beliefs to mythologies, here are just a few of the mysterious places of India The Cobras of Shetpal, […]
January 20, 2016

WTH is That? Strange Natural Phenomenon

Lake Eyre is located at the deepest point in elevation in Australia, like our Death Valley. Normally it is bone […]
September 28, 2015

Did You Know These Weird Quirks Are Genetic?

There are a few genetic quirks that you might not even realize are unique until you’re told that only certain people have […]
July 21, 2015

9 Strange Guinness World Records

We live in a strange, strange world folks. Nestled, like hidden gems, between the truly amazing feats of strength, speed, […]
July 6, 2015

The 7 Most Insanely Comical Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon is a magical place. No, not the rain forest, though that is probably pretty cool too. I mean, […]
June 30, 2015
Flying Cat

Flying Feline Daredevil

You might have a cool pet, but it is probably safe to say it’s not as cool as this flying […]
June 24, 2015
dino erotica t-rex troubles

6 of the Strangest Trends & Persons of Late

The Internet is a bastion of weirdness and the people who celebrate it. I enjoy strangeness, oddities, and goofy pranks […]
May 24, 2015

3 Surreal Tales of Real-Life Reincarnation

To me, accounts of reincarnation are like life’s little shout out to The Twilight Zone. We’ve all had deja vu […]