Halloween is almost upon us and, while you may have plans to attend some parties where your friends are dressed in scary costumes, nothing is really scarier than the truth. We’ve all heard stories about myths that can’t be true, so we simply brush them aside to make ourselves feel better. While some of those myths are indeed fictional, some are all too true. Since this is the Halloween season, let’s talk about some of the scariest true legends.

Stranger In Your Closet (Or Cupboard)

This Halloween, and probably for the rest of your life, you may want to consider putting a padlock on your closet. The fear of a stranger inside of your house is a common one. Sometimes, we get too strong of a feeling that someone is watching us. It turns out that some of those fears may not be too irrational. A middle aged man from Japan lived by himself and all was well and good until he started noticing small changes in his house.

The man noticed food missing that he didn’t eat and objects that he didn’t touch moved around the house. Growing tired and probably a little frightened by these occurrences, the man installed security cameras around his house. Imagine the shock when he watched the footage and saw a woman crawling out of his cupboard! How did she get in the house, though? Doors and windows were locked and there was no sign of a break in…not recently anyway. It turns out that the homeless woman had been living in this man’s cupboard for at least a year! Anyone else have chills?

Killer Birds

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous films has inspired many a Halloween costume and instilled a little bit of fear in each of us when we see a large flock of birds. It’s usually the scary looking birds like ravens or vultures that freak us out, but maybe we should be afraid of roosters, too. A man who had been arrested and fined previously for participating in cock fighting was eventually killed by one of his roosters.

Jose Luis Ochoa decided to attach razors to the roosters fighting in the day’s cock fight. The police received an anonymous tip about this cockfight and broke it up. As everyone fled the scene, one of the roosters slashed Ochoa’s leg. While at first it didn’t seem to be a major wound, the rooster actually struck a major artery and Ochoa bled to death. Word of advice: don’t give birds razors.

Bones In The Wall

Skeletons are a popular Halloween decoration to hang around our homes. Can you imagine if, while doing some renovation to that same home, a real skeleton was hiding behind a wall? This happened at the Abeville National Bank when they decided to renovate the second floor of their building. After removing a metal plate from the wall, they discovered a fireplace with little bones in it. Not so bad until, above the fireplace, they found an adult skeleton which was identified as Joseph Schexnider’s. It isn’t known why Schexnider hid away into the chimney’s crawl space, but he got trapped there for 27 years! Make sure to tell a friend if you plan on exploring some abandoned crawl spaces.


What is the scariest true legend you’ve ever heard of?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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