Scariest House For Sale…Road-trip Anyone?

There have been plenty of scary houses over the years, but the scariest house for sale right now might be in Texas. Located in Manvel, just a half hour south of Houston, this house has been described as a mystery, a disaster and even haunted. Now, for a mere $3.6 million, this house could be yours.

Texas Mansion

What’s so special about this scary house? To start with, it makes McMansions look cramped by comparison. This house has a whopping 63,890 square feet of space and sits on a spacious 10.65-acre lot. The square footage in this house makes the $3.6 million price tag a bargain though, as the price per square foot is only half of the median cost in Manvel.

Worried about room for kids or the in-laws when they visit? You will have nothing to worry about with this house since it has 30 bedrooms. You will also never have to worry about waiting for the bathroom. The house has 30 full bathrooms, and another 10 partial bathrooms for good measure.

The house, which was never completed, was started by a doctor and his wife in 2001. After the house was about 70 percent built, the wife reportedly decided that it was too big. The couple instead built another house on an adjacent lot, keeping the second house to a more modest 48,000 square feet.

A preacher purchased the house from the doctor and his wife, apparently with the intention of using it for some sort of housing project, but later defaulted on the loan.

The property was then purchased by an investor in 2008. He has been trying to sell the house ever since. The property has been under contract dozens of times, according to the current owner, but the sale always falls through for some reason.

The house is not all bedrooms and bathrooms. It has a nine-car garage, in-ground pool, and sauna. It also has an elevator, just in case you are too tired to walk up or down the stairs.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the house reportedly became the target of vandals as it sat empty. Wiring, air conditioning ductwork, windows and Sheetrock have all been damaged. In other words, this might be the most expensive “handyman special” house in the country right now.

Road Trip?

Ready for a road trip to check out this Texas-sized house? It is located at 2354 County Road 59 in Manvel, Texas. Unfortunately, there are no open houses planned at this time, and proof of funds is required to even arrange a private showing of the house. The merely curious and the dreamers will have to settle for a drive-by viewing of the scariest house for sale in Texas. The listing is available on if you are interested in buying a scary Texas mansion.


Would you want to live in a house this big, even if it wasn’t scary?




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