45. Peery Hotel, Utah

Location: Salt Lake City

You may want to take the stairs when you stay at this location. A specter named Moaning Molly has been known to play tricks with the buttons. One guest reported hearing moans from above the elevator just before the machine stopped between floors. Another set of guests reported hearing terrible moans outside their window as if a raging storm had come to rattle the trees, disturbing their sleep. When they went to check the window, the trees were eerily still and no storm was to be seen. Nightmares are common among guests as well. You may want to book another hotel if you plan on getting any rest in Salt Lake City.

46. Sacred Heart Mission Site and Cemetery, Oklahoma

Location: Konawa

Expect the haunting of a lifetime at this location, if the reports are true. Terrifying animal growls in the dark, howling in the night, and heavy breathing when nobody is near are all reported from this location. The spirits of monks and priests are said to wander the grounds as well. Maybe the noises heard are the good and the bad fighting in the afterlife to protect the sacred grounds.

47. Coronado Building, New Mexico

Location: Santa Fe

The tree standing in front of this building has a terrifying history. The building, which is now an office building, was once a courthouse. The many hangings that took place in the front yard from the limbs of the great tree have left blood on the soil, which will not allow the spirits of the dead to leave. Maniacal laughter is only the beginning of the terror individuals experience. Screams and moans can also be heard on the air and a ghostly image is seen following individuals around the property. Stay away from the tree. You may be the next victim to leave your spirit behind.

48. Flagstaff Historic Railway Station, Arizona

Location: Flagstaff

Built in 1926, the railway station claimed its first victim short after. A young brakeman was hit by a runaway train and killed. Today, his spirit is known to wander the grounds, seen by more than one visitor. An eerie feeling permeates the location, along with unexplained cold spots and even disembodied voices. Transport by train is said to be quite safe, but maybe you’d be wise to consider beginning your journey from another location.

49. Augustus Seaburg House, Alaska

Location: Anchorage

The house was built in the early 1920s by Augustus Seaburg. His attachment to the home has followed him into the afterlife. He and his daughter still haunt the grounds. He is seen pacing the upstairs hallways and sometimes standing on the landing of the stairs. His daughter, Helen, floats about the hallways in a white gown. She has an affection for the parlor and main bedroom. Maybe she is the one who pushed guests with unseen hands. Is the cold spot you just encountered actually Augustus? Just ignore the voices; you won’t find a person to claim them.

50. USS Arizona Memorial, Hawaii

Location: Pearl Harbor, Honolulu

The bombing of Pearl Harbor took the lives of over 1000 individuals, many of which were very young. With so much turmoil in one location, itthere is no surprise the location harbors many restless souls. Take plenty of pictures while you are visiting because this seems to be the way the ghosts of this haunted memorial disclose themselves. Ghostly, misty images have been seen lurking in the backgrounds of more than one photo. Take a look into the water and you may get a fright as well. Oil still surfaces from the wreck below, forming eerie rainbows on top of the water. One individual captured a face in the oil. Are the spirits rising from below?

Well, that does it. We hope you’ve enjoyed this frightful tour of the scariest haunted places in every state.


We’re still hoping to hear your terrifying stories. Share them with us in the comments below.



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