11 Scariest Haunted Places in Every State: Part 3

In this group of the scariest haunted places in every state you’ll hear about haunted hotels, cemeteries, a library, and even a haunted Wal-Mart. Enjoy these terrifying tales and keep an eye out for the next installment.

23. Parsonsfield Seminary, Maine

Location: Parsonsfield

The dorm in this seminary has 46 rooms; all of which seem to be filled with the spirits of those once housed here. Doors open and close on their own. All hours of the day people report the sounds of playful children laughing, running, and talking. Investigators have caught EVPs and photographs of ghostly images. If you are brave enough to wander onto the third floor, expect intense interaction (especially if you have long hair). It seems the ghouls enjoy playing with the strands as visitors walk through the halls.

24. Hotel Baring, Missouri

Location: Edina

As the years passed, so did the possession of this once beautiful hotel. Witnesses report a tall man ascending the steps, only to vanish into thin air. A small girl in a white dress plays outside on occasion, even though there are no children staying here. A banker was murdered within the halls of the hotel and some say they still hear him counting change, unable to leave behind the money for which he was murdered. If you hear screams in the night coming from the building, don’t bother searching for the victim. Locals say you will only empty halls and an eerie feeling.

25. Lyle House, Arkansas

Location: Jonesboro

Built in 1926 by Jimmy Lyle, it is home to more than just the living. Lyle is said to still be inhabiting the building and has been seen working in the yard; sometimes, he has been creeping about a room on the second floor. A mischevious young boy once appeared to a homeowner’s daughter, frightening her in the night. She told her parents she saw him laughing before running through the wall. Workers have heard children playing on the second floor as well, only to check and find nothing. One family who lived in the house said they would leave for a night out only to come home to every door, including the closets, open on the second floor. Door bells ringing at three in the morning with nobody to account for the action, lights flickering on and off, and a terrifying encounter of being hit in the head are just a few of the incidents reported. Be prepared for a spooky encounter if you decide to visit the current residents.

26. Nunica Cemetery, Michigan

Location: Crockery Township

Established in 1883, this cemetery is said to be haunted by a lonely little girl. Visitors will suddenly feel their hand go ghostly cold, as if she held their hand to safely help them walk through the yard. Maybe she is one of the many children buried in the middle of the cemetery who lost their lives to an influenza outbreak in the 1920s. There is also reports of a Native American burial ground. The ominous feeling individuals get could be the spirits of angry natives who would just like to lie in peace. Cemeteries are already creepy, but add in a lonely little girl and angry spirits and you may rethink visiting this particular final resting place.

27. Palm Beach Atlantic University Library, Florida

Location: Palm Beach

Every school has a janitor, but this one has one who refuses to leave. After the janitor went missing many years ago, the utility closet he once used was locked shut. Today, students and staff report hearing him rummaging around, perhaps still looking for his supplies to finish his final job. Some people are just too attached to their jobs.

28. Walter Tips House, Texas

Location: Austin

Walter Tips built this two-story Victorian home in 1876. A prominent businessman, he made his fortune through a merchant store he owned. The property was remodeled in 1909 and moved to its current location in 1975 as a way of saving the structure from demolition. Many wonder if the dark entity is Tips hovering about his beautiful home, angry at the idea someone would want to destroy it. Regardless, reports of dark figures looming about the property are common. There is also a drop in temperature when you enter the home, which has never been explained.

29. Terror (Tara) Bridge, Iowa

Location: Webster County

Tales float through the years about this location. An old railroad bridge, the path allows individuals to pass fairly unscathed. But some have seen a ghostly night rider who will chase them, and then suddenly vanish. A farmer in the 1800s cursed the wind and was instantly struck dead if some reports are to be believed. One of the most terrifying tales is of a woman who was said to have taken her children to the railroad bridge to wait for a passing train. As the train passed underfoot, she threw each child to their death and plunged to the same end. Maybe she is the terrifying being some say lives under the bridge.

30. The Sawyer House, Wisconsin

Location: Sturgeon Bay

Ghostly encounters flourish within the walls of this B&B. One couple spent three nights of terror as they were tormented by greenish lights, radios turning on, unexplained footsteps, and bite and scratch marks on the husband’s arm one morning. The wife reported she felt something jump onto the bed, had trouble breathing, and was unable to sleep because of the sound of people talking (even though nobody was to be found). If you decide to spend a night in this location, get plenty of sleep during the day because your nights will be spent chasing ghoulish sounds with no explanation.

31. Cherokee Cemetery, California

Location: Cherokee

A grisly background involving love and murder create the perfect environment for unhappy spirits. Legend states a young woman, the town sweetheart, was horrifically murdered. In an outrage, someone, perhaps a heartbroken lover, burned the man alive in his home directly across the street from the cemetery. Nightly visitors report hearing the man’s heavy footsteps, as if he’s trying to run away from his terrible end. Another legend states if you leave flowers on certain children’s graves, they will appear to you later in the evening to say thank you. How many people would want a thank-you note like that?

32. William Hamm Mansion, Minnesota

Location: St. Paul

Originally built by the owner’s of Hamm’s Brewery, the William Hamm mansion has been passed from one owner to the next. When the current owners, Karin and Rich DuPaul, happened upon the large two-story structure, it was in a state of serious disrepair and they questioned even embarking on the arduous task of restoring it. But their unexplainable attraction to the home could not be dissuaded. It seems the home itself is thankful for the kindness they have shown it. On one occasion prior to moving into the home, the DuPauls were suddenly woken in their other home and could not escape the feeling they needed to go check on the Hamm house. Sure enough, a pipe had broken and flooding had begun. Did the house warn them? Another time, after they had moved in, Rich was shaken awake in the night. Drawn to the basement, he found a stack of boxes smoldering next to the furnace. Another warning from the home? The family feels the entire home, from the dirt it’s built on to the stones in the pillars, is filled with spirits. As long as they are happy and helpful does it really matter?

33. Wal-Mart DC, Oregon

Location: Hermiston

As if Wal-Mart isn’t scary enough, now we have a haunted one. Reports state that during construction the company brought in illegal immigrants to do the clean-up work. One night, a huge windstorm knocked one of the giant steel pylons down. It landed on top of one of the immigrant workers, killing him. To hide the fact they had used illegal labor, they quickly dug a hole and buried the body, forever entombing him in a concrete grave. Now when you go in to do some last-minute shopping late at night, or some people-watching, objects will randomly fall from shelves, hitting patrons.

We’re over halfway through the scariest haunted places; only 17 more states to go. Watch for part four of this series.


Who believes a Wal-Mart could be haunted? Tell us your scariest tales from the aisles of purchasing hell.





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