Scariest Haunted Places in Every State: Part 1

We are at it again…adding terrifying locations for you to explore and experience the fright of your life. In previous articles, we have focused on Oregon, Washington, and Tennessee. We decided to expand and find the scariest haunted places in the every state beginning with the first 11 to be admitted to the Union. Enjoy these tales of terror and look for articles focusing on the rest of the states within the US.

1. Belvin’s House, Delaware

Location: Smyrna

With spectral figures, phantom barking dogs, and glowing orbs drifting from room to room, it’s no wonder this late-nineteenth-century home sits empty. Previous inhabitants reported seeing the face of a man peering into  the windows only to vanish as soon as you approach; a headless man who was killed by a falling tree still floats about the homes eerie hallways. Voices and footsteps are only a part of what this property offers. If you can get permission from the current owners, you may just find yourself spending an evening in one of the most haunted locations in Delaware.

2. Courthouse Square, Pennsylvania

Location: Scranton

This haunting offers a multitude of locations to experience hair-raising fright. The area covers several blocks and gives you the opportunity to visit the most haunted spots in Scranton via a guided tour. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some ghostly figures as you walk through the very location Jason Miller, star of the Exorcist, died of a heart attack on May 13, 2001. Obviously, 13 wasn’t a lucky number for him.

3. Union Hotel, New Jersey

Location: Flemington

This hotel played witness to an event that changed the way media interacted with major events in the world. Directly across the street from the courthouse where the trial of Bruno Hauptmann took place; this was the man arrested and convicted of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh’s infant son. Perhaps the disembodied shoes of a small child running up the stairs seen by a hotel worker were those of the tiny Lindbergh boy. But it would seem he has friends who have come to visit, as a hotel worker once heard children’s laughter long after close floating about the vacant hallways; another worker claims to have seen a young girl, so real he thought he could touch her, running about the dining hall. Her black hair and lovely gown floated behind her. Many workers have seen and heard odd things within the halls of this famous location. Perhaps the media frenzy that inhabited the halls during one of the most famous trails in American history just can’t bear to leave the excitement behind.

4. Gribble House, Georgia

Location: Savannah

Located in one of the nations most haunted cities, the Gribble House offers a true ghost hunters experience. When you arrive, you are fitted with all the equipment you could possibly need in order to document your spectral encounters. The location offers a history including a triple murder in the early 1900s. Two women were brutally murdered and the third was left for dead. Perhaps the ghostly white woman seen floating through the 15,000 square foot warehouse is one of the women who was never able to leave the building behind. A ghostly man in black is sure to make an appearance, making the hairs on your arms stand up and rending the batteries in your equipment inert.

5. Windham Textile Museum, Connecticut

Location: Millimantic

Surrounded by the homes that held immigrants who came to the area to work in the cramped, dark mill, the Windham Textile building is sure to have hosted grizzly events. The environment many were forced to endure, including children, was freezing in the winter and even hotter in the summer. The air filled with lint stuck in the mouth and infected the lungs. The owners of the mill were smart and paid the workers in their own currency, forcing them to purchase their supplies from the men who paid them so little. Witnesses have heard the sounds of children playing, as if released from their heavy burden of long hours within the mill house walls. In the basement of the museum, you will find a giant vault that once held the valuables of the mill owners. The giant door sits locked with no means to open it, except when the ghosts of the facility decide it is time and swing the door wide to the astonishment of visitors. If you feel you are being watched, you won’t be alone.

6. Samuel Onion House, Massachusetts

Location: Westwood

The Samuel Onion house once provided children a sanctuary to learn and grow. The fact previous residence have heard the sounds of children laughing, footsteps pattering through the halls, and squabbles bouncing off the walls should come as no surprise. The house has since been turned into a private residence, but the school teacher who once loved her students so much has decided to stay on to help keep the location in order. She has been seen floating from room to room, as if trying to find her children during a game of hide-and-go-seek. Play along and maybe you will be the one to find the real truth about the spooky encounters in this haunted location.

7. Westminster Burying Ground and Catacombs, Maryland

Location: Westminster

The catacombs are filled with those who have wished to stay among the living, and several who still remain. Is that Edgar Allen Poe waltzing through the stones? He is among the most famous of the location’s residents. Ghost hunters have been terrorized by the angry spirits, orbs floating about with faces, heard ghastly moans, and felt an unnatural presence prickling the hair on the back of their necks. Be prepared for a night of truly terrifying encounters if your dare spend time among the dead.

8. Dock Street Theatre, South Carolina

Location: Charleston

Built in 1736, this playhouse offered a stage to many actors and actresses. Many have moved on, but the stage has become a permanent home to a woman who never found her true role in life. Nettie Dickerson arrived on the streets of Charleston in 1840. Although young by current standards (only 25) and quite beautiful, she was seen as a spinster and past her prime. No man would take such an old woman as a wife. In desperation, she became a prostitute and eventually was even seen as too old for the world’s oldest profession. When she climbed to the roof of the Dock Street theatre one evening to watch a thunder storm rage, as her own spirit raged within her skin, she may have never known this would be her final stage. Struck by a bolt of lightning, she died atop the building in which her spirit can still be seen roaming the halls in a flowing red gown. Perhaps you can help her find her final act and move on to a less-tormented stage.

9. Benson Road Cemetery, New Hampshire

Location: Richmond

To find this location, you will need to crawl along a very rocky and rough road until you reach the site of the crypts that hold dark secrets. The dead seem angry here because of the lack of care afforded their current home. One such specter has been caught on a trail cam wandering the area, as if trying to care for the location that has seemingly been forgotten. Other visitors have reported the sightings of glowing orbs and strange noises, like the sounds of people whispering. Be prepared for a rocky experience when you creep into this hidden haunted hideaway.

10. Brownsville Farm, Virginia

Location: Nassawadox

This 1,250-acre haunt is now maintained and owned by the Nature Conservancy. The house located on the property dates back to 1806 and can be rented to experience the odd activities reported from the location. The Upshur family were the original inhabitants and worked a castor-mill on the banks of Brownsville Creek. As Mr. Upshur’s family grew, so did his home; and at one point, he made the statement: “There is no place to put the sole of my foot.” Perhaps he has finally found a place in death and the absence of his large family. It seems he may have found time for play in his afterlife, as reports of guests having their feet grabbed and tickled during sleep are common. If you don’t mind a bit of sleep interruption, try staying a night in this haunted location.

11. Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery, New York

Location: Frewsburg

The allure of a cemetery in the beginning days of autumn can can be quite overwhelming. This cemetery hosts dilapidated headstones dating back to the 1800s. The tragedy of a young mentally-handicapped girl being stoned to death by townsfolk hangs over the area like a dark cloud waiting to open and rain down terror. Visitors report she materializes in the form floating orbs followed by grizzly moans. A woman, like a white fog, seems to hover near as if to protect the young girl even after her terrible demise. A young boy has also been seen, presumably a young playmate trying to alleviate the weight of the girl’s sorrow. Unearthly beasts, chilly winds on hot summer nights, and photos with strange figures may likely be a part of your adventure.


Have you ever visited any of these haunted locations? We would love to hear your terrifying tales.





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