Russia’s Once Again Getting Their Freak On

Don’t look now but Russia is getting their freak back on after centuries of repressed tradition. The repressed Russian society has only been held back for around 400 years. Way before Communism reared its head. But the free lifestyle was around for over a millennium. Here’s a quick history lesson for those who never knew.

Ancient Rus

The ancient traditions of the Rus(sians) were only recorded by the travelers who visited the region. According to ancient gossip, Russian men were allowed several wives. However, if they did not keep their women satisfied, the ladies were allowed to look elsewhere without shame or hiding it. If she found a new man who was willing to claim her, she was free to move from the neglecting husband to the new attentive one. Even then you were expected to get your freak on or lose your woman.

Love Is A Many Wet Thing

Travelers in the 6th century were surprised to find that love was common in the water. Couples would find a river or lake to get their freak on while many single people would gather in groups for their sexual release. No mention of whether most of the birthdays were nine months after the warm summer days.

Virginity?  What Is That?

Virginity was not a prerequisite for a long term relationship until the Orthodox Church took over morality in the 12th century. Women who had intimate relationships were called ‘loose women’ but that was not an insult. It only meant that she was no longer a virgin. Those who were still virgins could get their freak on with the local sorcerers who were tasked to remove that woman’s virginity before her marriage. Before the church, sex was considered fun and something to sing about. Anyone remember “Sweet Mysteries of Life” from Young Frankenstein?

The Church Steps In

It wasn’t until the Orthodox Church gained enough power in the 12th century that a ‘loose woman’ became something evil. Being a sorcerer was no longer an employable position. Midwives were ‘damned’ by God. Sex between husband and wife was considered a sin unless it was for procreation. Kissing the body was not allowed. A ‘good wife’ was considered someone who did not take joy from the act. During confession, you were expected to share getting your freak on with the clergy. I guess that was the only way for the priests to get their porn.

Worst of all, mother-in-laws went to bed with their daughters and new sons-in-law on their wedding night to protect their daughter. She remained in that bed for the next two to three years!

Sexual Freedom For Today

The final gasp of sexual repression happened with the loss of all of oppression: when the USSR fell and Soviet communism ended. It didn’t take long for pornography and prostitution to raise its  head but surprisingly, the sexual revolution has yet to hit mainstream Russia. Sex toy shops, who import mostly from Germany, report their potential clients have no idea of how to use the toys or what they are for. It is a struggle to educate and stay afloat. Steps have been taken. Beautifully dressed models have replaced the old icon of the strong-jawed farmer’s wife in advertising.

Efforts are being made by the government in old style fashion. They now give couples the day off about nine months before Russia’s National Day to get their freak on. If the expectant mother manages to deliver on the national holiday, she receives a cash prize.

In the end, it still seems to be an uphill climb to the older generation who grew up in a society not allowed to think of such things, let alone talk about them. The younger generation however, seems to have no problem embracing the new ideas and culture of getting their freak on.  The future is in the hands of the children.


Do you like getting your freak on?