Rat In My Coke…The Craziest Things Reportedly Found In Food

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Rat In My Coke…The Craziest Things Reportedly Found In Food

If you’ve been around the food service industry for any length of time, you probably have some wild stories about the different things that people have found in their food. Perhaps you have even heard the old trick where a customer will smuggle in a dead roach and put it in his or her food as (s)he is finishing the meal; naturally, they cause a scene at this point and end up eating for free. Knowing that things like this happen, it raises some suspicion when a family claims to find a rat floating in their son’s Dr. Pepper bottle. So, what are some of the craziest things people have claimed to find in their food?

Not Your Average Dr. Pepper

In one of the most bizarre tails of “rat in my food,” a family in Texas claims to have stumbled upon a rat in their son’s Dr. Pepper bottle. Since this report just came out in May of this year, it is still unclear as to whether this was real or a hoax. After all, the father even claims that the son drank some and then they found the rat the next day. A more likely explanation might actually be that the bottle was left open and a rat found its way inside. If you’ve ever encountered one of these rodents before, you know they can fit into the most unexpected spaces.

How About A Pepsi With A Frog Instead?

While there is certainly cause for alarm if you find a rat in soda you have been drinking, it doesn’t quite stack up against the story of a man who actually drank a can of Pepsi and ended up with a nice piece of frog in his mouth. Specifically, Fred DeNegri was outside with his wife preparing for a nice day out in the sun. When he took a gulp of his Diet Pepsi, he got more than he bargained for. After pouring out the can, he discovered the frog remains, leaving more than just a bad taste in his mouth.

Frog In Frozen Vegetables

Apparently, frogs like to get in where they aren’t supposed to, because this is another case of a frog hopping somewhere unwanted. This time, it was in a bag of frozen vegetables. While this one is a bit more understandable than imaging a frog sneaking into a can of soda, it still makes you think twice about buying those frozen veggies, even if they are on BOGO.

Want A Chicken Head?


Of course, a compilation like this wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have any fast food highlights. This one has got to be up near the top, even for that scary industry. As you can see in the picture, a woman found an actual chicken head in her McDonald’s nuggets.


Have you ever found anything out of sorts in your food (or planted anything there yourself for a comped meal)? What is the craziest story you have ever heard about finding unwelcome items in food? Let us know your experiences below!




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