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October 22, 2015
Angry Birds

The Weirdest Theme Parks In The World

We’ve all heard of Disney World and Hershey Park. However, there are plenty of other amusement parks around the world that […]
October 22, 2015

The World’s First Head Transplant

The human body can do marvelous things, and modern science has made it possible to do the impossible in terms […]
October 21, 2015

The 10 Hardest Riddles You’ll Ever Hear

If you want to see just how smart you are, you can put your brain to the test by reading […]
October 21, 2015

15 Visually Stunning 70s Horror Films (that aren’t all that good)

Whether you lived through the 1970s, or they’re just something your grandparents talk of fondly, you should know that art-house […]
October 21, 2015

Let’s All Celebrate Back to the Future Day!

Time to celebrate Back to the Future Day! Well, the future is officially here. Though we don’t have hoverboards yet […]
October 21, 2015

That’s Weird: Body Stones in Humans

The human body is a wonder. With its many processes, and the mere fact that we all have one, it’s […]
October 20, 2015
Mt Hood with clouds

12 Reasons Why Oregon is Better Than Washington

The Seattle Times recently published an article called “12 Reasons Why Living in Washington is Better Than Living in Oregon.” […]
October 20, 2015
robots taking over

Robots Taking Over Jobs: Not If, But When

If you asked most people 10 years ago if they ever thought a robot would take over they job, they […]
October 20, 2015

3 Great Scientific Hoaxes That Fooled A Lot of People

Sometimes, science gets to have a little fun with the general public and when it does, it can have hilarious […]
October 20, 2015

Are You Ready For The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer?

The entire world collectively held their breath during a very average Monday Night Football game. We have been waiting for […]