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November 29, 2015

Are Millennials Really More Thankful This Time of Year?

Millennials have been called many things, but would you expect ‘grateful’ to be high on the list? Believe it or […]
November 29, 2015

What is ISIS?

ISIS has taken over the news headlines everywhere in the world. They have successfully become the newest and biggest current […]
November 29, 2015

Plantoid: The Blockchain-based Art that Makes Itself

In this bustling technological age, finding means of channeling data through the most effective pathways is as important as improving […]
November 28, 2015

Old Movie Review: You Never Can Tell

It Stars Dick Powell This black-and-white Universal mystery stars veteran movie actor Dick Powell as a German Shepherd. Yes, that’s right, […]
November 28, 2015

Best Living Actors Without an Oscar

Who are the best actors without an Oscar? More importantly, how do you decide among them? Calls for Benedict Cumberbatch […]
November 28, 2015

Pornography and A Post-Internet World

The Internet is known for two things: communication to the world and pornography. Almost everyone has access to the Internet […]
November 27, 2015
From wall cleaner to carpet destroyer, Play Doh at its finest. (

Accidental Discoveries That Changed The World (Kind Of)

Ever pick up something, like a microphone or a glass of milk, and wonder, “How in the..?” Really… who was […]
November 27, 2015
oslo street

Norway’s Capital Wants to Ban Car Traffic by 2019

A world without automobile traffic seems nearly unimaginable in universes not yet overtaken by some sort of apocalypse, but Norway’s […]
November 27, 2015

Should Gun Crimes be a Public Health Issue?

Yes, you read the headline right; and no, it is not just an attention-grabber. In what might sound like a […]
November 26, 2015

Best Movies To Watch After Getting Stuffed On Turkey

The best part about winter is staying in to watch your favorite cold-weather comfort movies. By the end of Thanksgiving, […]