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July 2, 2016
Photo of UFO

World UFO Day (7-2-16) The Greatest UFO Stories

Speculation and theories about Unidentified Flying Objects and alien visitors to planet Earth have abounded for years. Some people believe […]
July 1, 2016

Glass Slide…Who Needs An Amusement Park?

A new attraction opens in Los Angeles and people are already either lining up to go on it or to […]
July 1, 2016

5 Really Bad Movies Saved By Charismatic Actors

Why do bad things happen to good people? In retrospection, why do bad movies happen to good actors? Taste, especially […]
July 1, 2016

Amazing! New Language Translator Breaking Barriers!

When Star Trek first appeared, we immediately saw Captain Kirk speak with any alien and have meaningful conversation — no matter […]
June 30, 2016

Beavers Apparently Love The Color Blue

The world has a new color blue. From appearances, it looks like a really, really cool version of blue as […]
June 30, 2016

Wild Parsnip Isn’t The Only Plant To Watch Out For In Iowa

Iowa isn’t Australia. We don’t have giant spiders or killer reptiles, but who would have guessed we do have some […]
June 30, 2016

TBT – The Evolution Of Superman

Can you think of a superhero that is more American than Superman? Okay, maybe Captain America, but today isn’t his […]
June 29, 2016

Nuclear Sharks…Yup They Are Real

Of all the predators in the wild, there are none as feared as the shark. When it comes to the […]
June 29, 2016

Deer Crossing Actually Works

You’ve seen the bright, yellow signs with a jumping deer on it to alert drivers that deer crossing (or leaping […]
June 28, 2016

What The Hell Is Fentanyl?

Unless you are deaf (and probably even then), you were likely more than a little disappointed on April 21 when […]