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July 21, 2016

California May Join The Recreational Marijuana Band Wagon

On June 28 of 2016, California’s Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, revealed the initiative to make recreational marijuana legal in […]
July 21, 2016

TBT – Olympic Scandals You Won’t Believe

We’re less than a month away from the start of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. Usually, when that […]
July 20, 2016

Corgi Con… You Won’t Believe The Cuteness

Corgi Con was held June 25, 2016, and was the biggest gathering of Corgis ever. Over 800 owners (and still […]
July 20, 2016

America Was Never Great – A History Lesson On Why This Is Not True

Each year on the Fourth of July, the United States of America celebrates its Independence Day. Back in 1776 on […]
July 20, 2016

Who Wants To Get Paid In Beer? It’s Possible…Read How

How many hands just shot up in the world? I would say more than I can count but my own […]
July 19, 2016

How To Attract Birds You Want

Birds are pretty cool in any case, but having them hanging out in your yard so you can enjoy watching […]
July 19, 2016

“Making A Murderer” Saga Continues

Sometimes a show will impact the country by gathering most of us into watching. Sometimes a show will go beyond […]
July 18, 2016

Europe Is Always On The Forefront…Earliest Fire Making Found

The spark that lit the flame under evolution’s gluteus maximus, quite literally, may have recently been found in a cave in modern-day […]
July 18, 2016

VidComp: Craziest Ways Parents Have Pulled Their Kids’ Teeth

We all remember that special childhood trope, when you press your tongue against a tooth and it gives just a little […]
July 17, 2016

Greatest Ice Cream Flavors To Celebrate National Ice Cream Day (7-17-16)

With the annual National Ice Cream Day approaching in mid-summer, it is the perfect time to consider that wonderful dessert, […]