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May 22, 2015

27 Underrated Horror Movies From 1970-1999

The movie market is saturated with average and below average horror movies and for casual fans it can be hard […]
May 22, 2015

The Top 7 Most F*cked-Up Children’s Show Clips

These videos might seem kiddy at first, but make no mistake – they garnered plenty of controversy when they were […]
May 21, 2015

Does Pro-Life Mean Pro-Sexism?

In a twist that surprises no one, a new study associates pro-life views to sexism against females, according to Raw […]
May 21, 2015

Dammit Ms. Frizzle! She’s Still Up to Her Old Antics

From 1994-1997, kids tuned in to PBS every Saturday morning to join Ms. Frizzle and her students for a mind-blowing […]
May 21, 2015
Lil bub

The History of the 5 Most Famous Internet Cats

Cats are popular on the internet. There’s no doubt or questioning that, and almost anyone who’s gone on YouTube could […]
May 21, 2015

7 Great Ways of Initiating Sex

Even when you find a person to spend the rest of your life with, it can be difficult to initiate […]
May 20, 2015
Marvels Black Widow played by Scarlett Johanson

Black Widow Controversy Highlights Marvel’s Problem with Women

Marvel has a problem with women. The company that’s delivered characters like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk […]
May 20, 2015
Ecstatic cat

30 Cute Animals in (Seemingly) Impossible Positions

There’s something about cute animals that make us want to hug or pinch them. It must be those pleading eyes […]
May 20, 2015

7 Reasons Texting and Driving is Playing With Fire

Texting and driving is still a real issue, especially as technology becomes a more intricate part of our lives. When […]
May 19, 2015

Common Carcinogens Can Kill

When you think of a cancer carcinogen the first thing that comes to mind is something obvious like cigarettes. And […]