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June 2, 2015

The China Study: East vs West, Who Wins For Overall Health?

Health experts today are starting to lean towards more natural diets as a way to create a more healthy and […]
June 2, 2015

David Duchovny’s Thriller “Aquarius” is Surprisingly Good

To steal a line from Futurama, David Duchovny is the world’s first great acting robot. The characters he plays are all […]
June 1, 2015
Eli Thompson, born without nose

Human Survivors Born Without Important Body Features

Can you imagine going about your day without your arm or leg? I definitely can’t. Every part of my body […]
June 1, 2015

What Should Worry You About the Demonic “Charlie Charlie Challenge”

When I was growing up, my father always told me one thing before he put me to bed. It left […]
June 1, 2015

Parkour: The Most Dangerous Way to Look Cool

Over the years, parkour has developed and grown to encompass its own separate culture around the world. From those who […]
May 31, 2015

Modern Hobos Are Still Riding the Rails

America still has a nostalgic fascination with several characters of bygone days. Cowboys are one example, though there are probably nowhere […]
May 31, 2015

Flirting From Afar: 7 Tips Illustrated By Tom Hiddleston

If you see a cutie, your best bet is to walk right up to them and introduce yourself. However, if […]
May 30, 2015
sean astin corey feldman curtis curt hanson the goonies anniversary goondocks

Goonies Never Say Die 30 Years Later: The Goondocks & Interview

It’s surprisingly strange to imagine the 80s without the cult classic kid’s film, The Goonies…or even the “the truffle shuffle,” for that matter. […]
May 29, 2015

Stop Eating Jimmy John’s Sandwiches Right Now

Back in 1983, 19-year-old Jimmy John Liautaud began the business that would blossom into Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches. With over […]
May 29, 2015

6 Gadgets From the ’80s I Want Instead of an Apple Watch

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and this is the first thing you are reading on the internet then […]