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June 14, 2015
Vote the Humans Out

The Most Pawlitical Cats & Their Real Campaigns

Cats are the boss! They make sure their humans know that fact at home. (You know what I mean, right?) […]
June 13, 2015

17 GIFs that Completely Sum Up Graduating College

Being in school 19+ years, you graduate college and all the sudden…no more school. And that’s kind of a crazy concept. […]
June 13, 2015

How to Identify Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

How to Identify Obsessive Compulsive Disorder There are many preconceived ideas in our society of what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) […]
June 13, 2015

Scientists Have Found the Oldest Tools Known To Man

A primitive tool kit containing 149 hammer stones, anvils, worked cobblestones, and other artifacts dating back 3.3 million years has […]
June 12, 2015

8 Big Changes That Happen After Graduating College

Graduating from college is pretty scary. It’s the first time in your life that things have been truly uncertain. Until […]
June 12, 2015
alien graffiti

4 Major Alien Species & Their Effect On the Earth

Look up into the night sky, preferably where there is minimal light pollution, and you’ll see literally thousands of stars. According […]
June 12, 2015
what am i

Are You Bisexual & You Don’t Even Know It?

While sitting in a Religion and the Arts class, I was taken back when a young man made the statement, […]
June 12, 2015

The Best Dinosaur Fights in Movie History

If you’re a fan of dinosaur movies, there really isn’t that much out there that’s what you’d call “good.” There […]
June 12, 2015
condom balloons banned commercial

10 Most Outrageous Ads in the History of Mankind

You don’t have to be a Mad Men fan to appreciate inventive advertising. Commercials do far more than inspire us […]
June 11, 2015
steve brule food face

Fear Fried Fair Food; For Your Health, With Steve Brule

We all think of ferris wheels, cotton candy, popcorn and funnel cakes when the words “state fair” come to mind; […]