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July 25, 2015

Dangers of Volcanoes: Erupting in a Land Mass Near You?

Given the myriad of things Americans have to ponder and worry about each day, the dangers of volcanoes are probably […]
July 24, 2015

7 Ways To Celebrate Parents’ Day

Most people don’t know, but July 26 is Parents’ Day. Even though it’s not as popular as Mother’s Day or […]
July 24, 2015

12 Unbelievable Uses for Tequila

National Tequila Day is one of my personal favorite July holidays; and to celebrate this boozy occasion, here are 12 […]
July 24, 2015

10 Surprising Places Germs Live In Bathrooms

Germs love moist, dark places and the bathroom is definitely a hot-spot. But if you think toilets are the only […]
July 24, 2015

Feeling Chilly Lately? Maybe You Need to Check for a Low Body Temp.

Your body needs to remain at a certain temperature in order to function properly. If your temperature is too high […]
July 24, 2015

8 Music Video Directors Who Are Breaking Out

Chances are you have a favorite music video. Chances are you also have no idea who directed it. Unlike movies, […]
July 23, 2015

Kepler-186f: Newest Goldilocks Planet

Kepler-186f is Earth’s “slightly bigger and older cousin.” Thanks to NASA there are a few facts we know about the […]
July 23, 2015

Why We Love Christmas All Year Long

If you’ve glanced at your calendar or written a check lately, you may have noticed that it’s July. It’s warm […]
July 23, 2015

Does Your Daughter Have A Princess Complex?

Once upon a time, you thought of and treated your little girl as a princess. But she took it to […]
July 23, 2015

How Do You Survive? PMS Symptoms and Remedies

Unfortunately, health class never teaches students all they should know about female genitalia. Even if you’re a woman, there are […]