Oregon UFO Gathering Focuses On Phoenix Lights

What has come to be known as the “Phoenix Lights” stands out from the thousands of UFO reports across the country and the world. Why these lights above all others? After all, it is becoming more rare to have NOT seen a UFO in this day and age. What’s new to talk about? First, let’s look at the Oregon UFO gathering which has also come to be known world wide that is looking into the matter.


Back in 1950, a farmer by the name of Paul Trent snapped this photograph of a UFO about nine miles outside of McMinnville, Oregon. This was the golden age of UFO sightings as it appeared only three years after the famous Arnold sighting around Mt. Rainier in Washington State and the Roswell crash that started the modern UFO craze. Trent’s photo was published by Life magazine in the June 1950 issue. From that point on, it was entered into lore never to be forgotten. Or, it is a former rear view mirror as some are guessing.

McMenamin’s UFO Festival

In rememberance, McMenamin’s Hotel in McMinnville, Oregon, holds an annual UFO fest that surrenders to the phenomenon yearly in a celebration as cool as anything this side of Area 51. This year, the 17th annual event will take place from May 12-15. Along with the serious talk about the Phoenix Lights, there will also be light-hearted events such as a UFO 5k run, an alien pet costume festival and a costume ball for the humans. Throw in live music, serious guest speakers and three days of UFO saturated life, and you can’t miss it. It is for the serious UFOlogist everywhere this side of Saturn.

Phoenix Lights

In 1995, the Phoenix lights were first reported. They appeared as seven oval shaped objects flying in a loose V formation. They remained in the sky for several minutes and reports exploded across the nation. They reappeared again on March 13, 1997. Two years after  Dr. Kitai had seen them, now hundreds if not thousands witnessed the strange amber lights in the sky. Since then, they have reappeared in 2007 and 2008—all without explanation. At one time, the military poo-poo’ed it as flares in the night sky. At least they didn’t claim swamp gas.

Dr. Lynne Kitai



Dr. Kitai was one of several witnesses to the strange events seen in 1995. At first, she did not come out publicly as she knew how witnesses could be treated but she changed all of that by writing a book about her own experiences. The book has caught on around the world and is now bringing even more attention to the phenomenon.


Dr. Kitai has now produced and directed a documentary based on her popular book. Running at 84 minutes, it features dozens of eyewitness accounts, including military personnel.

New Sighting In 2015

According to local channel ABC15 out of Phoenix, the lights have returned. A quick follow through with Luke Air Force Base confirmed that the Air Force was conducting another training mission—much like during the previous sightings—and they dropped flares. Some have accepted the military explanation of just ordinary flares causing ordinary lights. Others won’t deny their belief of strange visitors from out of this world. But, will we ever know the truth? No matter which direction you choose to go, check out this year’s UFO Festival in McMinnville. Have your picture taken with an alien. (or a dropped flare if you are still in the closet)


Have you ever seen a UFO?

Additional Image: caterville