Obnoxiously Giant Trucks… Who Cares About The Environment

Have you got an obnoxiously giant truck? Is there one in your neighborhood? This one is big enough for a smaller Mustang convertible to snuggle underneath and suck a muffler. I wonder which owner came out to the parking lot first? If you think this is big, here are some others to redefine your scope.

Not Just For Trucks Anymore

Proof that you don’t have to be a giant truck to be obnoxiously big. This 1971-3 Mustang fastback must have a lot of inferiority complexes to want to be something other than what it was designed for. Ladies, would you prefer this or a Mach 1?

No Step Ladders Need Apply

Compared to some that I have seen, this almost looks normal. Almost. Notice the huge steps for all three doors. Is it my imagination or does that last door not have a handle to open with? Hopefully, whoever is inside has a handle to get out with. For an obnoxiously giant truck wannabe, this one doesn’t look too bad.

Tire Envy

I think they got this one wrong. Aren’t the wheels and tires for a obnoxiously giant truck supposed to grow when you water them? Quick, before someone hurts themselves. Get this truck a nutritional supplement. It could use some steroids or PEDs. Sad. Very sad.

For The Man Who Has Everything

No, I don’t know what it is either. It is kinda cool lookin’ though if you are into a retro, steampunkin’ Volkswagon mood. It’s not an obnoxiously giant truck but it is included because whatever this thing is compensating for, it belongs on the list. I think we are looking at the front end.

Camping In Small Places

Who says you can’t find a camper with headroom? Any NBA player could stand up inside of this thing. This obnoxiously giant truck must sleep the entire team. I hope it has more than one toilet. Be careful of clearance while going under a bridge or you just might end up with a convertible.

This obnoxiously giant truck looks more like the next mission to Mars. I guess all of those scientists want to impress the Martian chicks when we finally make contact. Let’s just hope they are impressed by the same things as Earth girls are. Then again, are Earth girls impressed by this?

Want A Lift?  Climb Up On A Tire

Ladies, does size really matter? This one is so big, we couldn’t fit all of it into the picture. That guy standing next to it? He is over seven feet tall. (Yeah, if you believe that, three inches equals a foot) Seriously, whenever the owner comes back from a trip, he has to check out his tires to remove any hybrid cars stuck in the tread.

Going For A Swim

Ladies, this is why we men need an obnoxiously giant truck. The better to haul our stuff with. And who doesn’t need a small yacht wherever they go?


Can An Obnoxiusly Giant Truck Carry The Groceries?