Maybe unusual beaches aren’t your thing? Perhaps you’re more like me and prefer to take your obsessions with you. For me, that film and staying in a movie themed resort or room would be an ideal vacation. Here are some of the greatest movie themed resorts available.

Mountain Lake Lodge

Location: Pembroke, Virginia

Mountain Lake Lodge is better known to movie fans as the place where Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) meet and fall in love in the film, “Dirty Dancing.” For three weekends out of the year, guests can come for special “Dirty Dancing” weekends. These special weekends consist of dance lessons, a scavenger hunt, and a trivia night. Packages for these special weekends start at around $330 a person.

The Stanley Hotel

Location: Estes Park, Colorado 

For one night in October of 1974, Stephen and Tabitha King stayed in room number 217 in the Stanley Hotel. The very next day King began his work on a draft for what would be “The Shining.” The hotel in the book is called The Overlook, but aside from the difference in name the hotels looks almost identical.

In 2015 with the release of King’s sequel to “The Shining,” the hotel offered s “Doctor Sleep Package” where guests would get a hardback copy of “Doctor Sleep” and a paperback copy of “The Shining” with their stay. The hotel has also been home to ghost tours, Halloween Masquerade Balls, and annually the Stanley Film Festival which of course shows “The Shining” on loop on one of their private television channels.

Seven Hotel (James Bond Themed)

Location: Paris, France

Perhaps you’re thinking why not England? But if you think about it, of course, the city of love and lights would house the hotel dedicated to the suave 007. The hotel is located in the Latin Quarter of Paris, France and features not only 007 but also a Marie Antoinette room and one where the decoration changes at random.

You can spend a weekend living the high life with a cocktail lounge and with the Suite Agent Secret package you get to spend your entire trip pretending you’re living a super secret mission. Even the standard rooms are stylish with pseudo levitating beds with views onto one of the oldest streets in the city.


What is your favorite movie themed hotel?




Jess Hicks
Jess Hicks
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