Move Over Little Free Library… Little Free Pantry Is Taking Over

It started with a small idea and it is multipying like rabbits. It is a simple solution for a simple need. The human spirit will pop up where it is needed most. We survive by helping each other survive. If you haven’t seen one near you, it is only a matter of time. Before you see one on your own street, would you like to know what it is? You may even end up building one yourself. Find out about the little free pantry.

Started With A Book

Someone had the brilliant idea of trusting people. All over town, little bookhouses that look like birdhouses started popping up filled with books. Simply take out a book you would like to read or put one in that you have finished. The concept has been around for years. Old mom and pop grocery stores of the bygone eras used to (and some still do) dedicate a shelf for this purpose. But, can this idea work with more than just books? The little free pantry can.

You Bet It Can

Every where you look. Every town you drive to. People are building their own little free pantry to help out. And it is spreading like wildfire. Have you ever driven by one of these and wondered what they were? Now you know. Feel free to stop and check it out. Never know what you might find inside. You might find something you can use or think of something you can leave for the next person who needs what you have extra.

More Than Just Food

While food is a very good item to stock, a little free pantry can hold so much more as well. Think of toilet paper, feminine hygiene products. One box even shared Legos for other kids. Even back to school supplies have all stocked the shelves of a little free pantry. As with any grass roots movement, imagination is our only limit to how far we can go or how much we can help.  The giving heart is the source of our power.

Your Own Garden

Many people are even giving away extra produce from their gardens. Anyone who has or is growing their own food, knows how much you can really get out of your harvest. There is a reason why there is a time when prices fall down to affordable levels. That is because there is much more supply than demand. It also happens to be the best time to pick fruit and vegetables at their most delicious. By sharing your own natural food from your own backyard with a little free pantry, you are helping others to eat healthier.


Even old newspaper boxes are getting into the act. As print media makes way for the electronic age, let’s use the former newsboxes for a greater. After all, we used to use newspapers to wrap our fish. What’s the difference if we use the boxes to store extra food? I’ve seen dead refrigerators used as a littel free pantry well. Anything that can hold a can of beans can be used to facilate the supply and demand of our own cupboards.


Would You Put A Little Free Pantry In Your Own Yard?