The Most Impressive Pancake Art For National Pancake Day

National Pancake Day is on September 26th. That means it’s almost time for you to break out the batter to create the most delicious pancakes you’ve ever tasted. Instead of focusing all of your energy on the ingredients, you should focus on the design. After all, you can’t show off the taste of your pancakes on Instagram–you can only show others what they look like. If you want some ideas on what to create, here are some of the coolest pieces of pancake art in honor of National Pancake Day:


Frozen took over the world when it was released. Every little girl loves Elsa, and a storm of Elsas erupted onto the scene  last Halloween. Your little princess is sure to love a pancake that depicts her favorite ice queen.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

If you have a child or are babysitting one, the best way to win his or her trust is to create dinosaur pancakes. How much better can breakfast get than pretending to be king of the thunder lizards? Ask any little kid and they’ll tell you this is as good as it gets.

People Pancakes

A man named Dan Drake made pancakes of all of the television anchors on the Today Show. If you’ve ever watched their newscast, then you’ll know how good the likenesses actually are. It’s a job well done—now imagine making these for a family reunion or a work brunch! Instant promotion.

Teddy Bear Pancake

Another one that will be sure to impress your child, even if they’re a picky eater. All you need to create this design is a regular pancake, some banana slices, and chocolate syrup. If you’re making pancakes, then you probably already have these ingredients in your kitchen, so why not make them into a cute baby bear?

Winnie The Pooh

The only downsides to creating pancakes as elaborate as these is that it’s going to be hard for you to eat them. You won’t want to see all of your hard work get destroyed. Plus, let’s be real—how could anyone cut into that adorable Eeyore face?


Pac-man pancakes are the easiest type to pull off. All you have to do is make a regular pancake, and then cut a slice out of it. If you want to impress your friends and family without putting in too much effort, this is the way to go. You’re on your own with the ghosts though—those might take a little more time.

Catapillar Pancake

Why make one huge pancake when you could make a bunch of small ones? That way, it’ll be easier to share, and you might even end up with more. Plus, a simple design like this is hard to mess up. All you really need to do is put a few different circles together and draw a smiley face and you’ve got undisputed pancake artistry.

Treehouse Pancake

If you want to take your pancake game to the next level, you can make your design look three dimensional. Then you can create anything that you’d like, even someone to inhabit that awesome treehouse. Look at those colors!

Minion Pancake

You either love them or you hate them. Truly, the minions are the new masters of social media, but even if you despise them, it might still be worth it to make a few minion pancakes. At least you’d get to eat them, and then they’d be all gone!

Black Widow Pancake

You might not be a superhero, but you’ll be a supermom (or dad, or cousin or friend) if you made pancakes that look like this. Even if you’ve never seen The Avengers, you have to admit that this looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson. Bonus points if you go all in and do the whole cast!


Have you ever tried to make pancake art? What kind of pancake is your favorite?



Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
Holly is an aspiring sci-fi writer who currently writes lifestyle articles for All Women Stalk and News Cult. She's a fan of comedy movies, ridiculous puns, and is the owner of a pup named Ferris (last name Bueller).