Holy Shit…A Haunted Swing? This Is Real!

The world is full of stories about haunted and possessed items. We are all too familiar with cases where a house is haunted, or we hear ghosts speaking through white noise, but once in a while something really strange pops up. As far as strange hauntings are concerned, a haunted swing seems like it belongs at the top of the list.

The Unbelievable Haunted Swing

In this bizarre video, a father takes his kids to the park and witnesses this frightening sight. As you can see by watching, there really doesn’t seem to be much wind in the area. The other swings are staying almost perfectly still, but this one is flying back and forth like a kid is having the time of his life. It is a chilling sight, and the children are too terrified to actually play on the playground thanks to the mysterious haunted swing.

No Evidence Against The Haunted Swing

Of course, as YouTube viewers do, the response to this video was less than positive. Many viewers started to make claims that it was some sort of hoax. Perhaps the video was edited to hide someone pushing the swing. Or, maybe there was a string attached to the swing that made it do this. Theories of all variety started to pop up. In response to this, the original posters actually returned to the park and inspected the swing up close, showing that there was no sort of trick involved. In this video, he is also quite adamant that he was not posting this as some sort of prank, but that he genuinely stumbled upon it with his kid. While it is always possible he is a sociopath, it seems like he is pretty convincing.

What Else Could It Be?

Then again, just because he followed up with a video showing there were no strings or other devices in place doesn’t mean these devices weren’t there in the first place. It is possible he took his children there, planted the trick, and then removed it afterwards before filming the followup. Alternatively, someone else might have been pranking him, putting a system in place to move the swing and then removing it after he left. As with just about anything you see online (or even on TV for that matter), it is really hard to determine what is and isn’t real. For that reason, some are accepting that this may actually be a case of a haunted swing.


What do you think about this haunted swing? Was it just a prank to generate views on YouTube or was the swing actually haunted? Are there any other crazy haunted objects that you have seen and been unable to explain? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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