Fake Moon Landing…Even More Evidence It’s A Load of Shit

If you have been with us for some time now, you likely read an article last year on how the moon landing was not a hoax. Perhaps the most compelling of the reasons listed in this article for the moon landing is the fact there are no shortage of color images continually produced of the moon’s surface showing the flags left behind. These photos were even examined by experts, and it was determined they are, in fact, unedited and completely real. In other words, someone put American flags on the moon, so unless your conspiracy includes alien alliances, you might want to rethink it. Of course, some people are really dense, and tend to have a hard time trusting. For those of you who feel this way, here are some other reasons there was no fake moon landing.

A Helpful Study By Oxford University

Though the supposedly fake moon landing occurred about half a century ago, people have been unable to escape the idea a conspiracy is afoot. No matter what evidence is presented, they find some alternative explanation or simply deny the facts at hand. In order to offer up new support against this false belief, Dr. David Grimes, a physicist at Oxford University, developed a mathematical way to calculate the odds of keeping a conspiracy hidden for any amount of time.

When crunching the numbers, he discovered a plot lasting five years would only be able to include 2,521 participants before the cover was blown. Similarly, to go a decade or more, it could have no more than 1,000 people involved. If someone wanted to keep it hidden for a full century, the number would need to be 125 or fewer. After developing some baseline numbers, he continued to test and used the estimated 411,000 people who worked with NASA on the moon landing. According to his calculations, this large of a conspiracy would have been uncovered in three years and eight months. In other words, it would be impossible to maintain long-term.

No Fake Moon Landing

Of course, perhaps you want to conclude that Dr. Grimes is part of the conspiracy and his research is just more of the same system fighting to hide the facts. If you really believe this, then what does he have to gain? Keep in mind, for that to be the case, you would need to uncover some sort of motivation on his part, and being that Oxford is not even in the United States, it seems hard to believe that a British scientist would want to keep up the illusion that the United States is the first and only country to send someone to the moon if they really hadn’t. Speaking of which, if getting to the moon first was the only goal, then why did the US have to spend so many billions of dollars to do it more than once? Oh, and don’t forget those pesky pictures of equipment and flags left on the moon.

Are All Conspiracy Theories Overrated?

While some might try to suggest this sort of research excludes the possibility of any real conspiracy, it is important to realize that this is not necessarily the case. Not all conspiracies involve so many participants, and as Dr. Grimes’s own research suggests, a group of 125 or less could potentially conceal something for a century or more. Depending on the nature of the conspiracy, this theoretically means that it could be contained indefinitely as members involved die off and evidence gets buried. So long as some survivors pass on the information to trustworthy conspirators, they could then keep it going for many more years to come.

Regardless of what conspiracies might be hiding, it is important to realize that, in the grand scheme, worrying so much about these plots really does you no good. Instead of spending time chasing after ghosts, you might find there are more productive things you could do.


Are you still locked into the idea that there was a fake moon landing, or are you ready to accept reality? Even if you accept that the moon landing was real, do you think there are some other conspiracies that people should be concerned with?




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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