Edible Packaging… What Keeps The Packaging Clean?

Every day, thousands of tons of garbage are thrown away. They do not rot or decompose, at least not in our lifetime. They serve no purpose after their initial use. They can be recycled but it is still not as cost efficient as just not making them to begin with. If no one wants this, why are we still making it? It turns out that 87 percent of people poled do not want their food in unusable containers that might even hurt our food while protecting it by leaching chemicals in our future bites of nourishment. The other 13 percent? They don’t really care. They just want what is inside.

Hope Is On The Way

Think of edible packaging as natural food… made by man. The new edible packaging is good for us, reduces waste in the environment and is starting to taste good as well. What can make our food better than something making it look like candy? I wonder if this would work with brussel sprouts?

The Original Edible Food Packaging

This is really not a new idea. Food has come in edible packaging before man was able to pick fruit off of trees. Fruit skins not only protect their contents but they also preserve as well. Keeping things fresh has helped nature to continue. Grapes have come in their own skins. Come to think of it, meat has as well.

Yogurt Pearls

This new idea resembles the thought behind the grape. You can eat the yogurt along with whatever is on the inside. What is keeping it safe is the edible protective electrostatic gel on the outside. The edible packaging gel is not only safe but can come in a variety of flavors. No need for the tough-to-recycle plastic yogurt spoons or having to wash the dishes. Sounds delicious to me.

Have Your Drink And Eat It Too

Think of this new way of drinking as similar to having an ice cream cone. After you have finished your drink, eat the cup. A French wine company is adding their own taste of packaging by recycling their old grape skins from the wine making process into a paper-like substance that can be used to contain their product. You don’t have to eat the edible packaging but if you throw it away, it will decompose much faster than that 3000 year old pop bottle under your 24th century landfill.

Fad Or New Solution To An Old Problem?

This is more than just Kool-Aid for the protectors of the environment. It is the future. If going into space can make us drink Tang, then maybe this new edible packaging can help us with our vegetables. It can even save our stomachs as we no longer will ingest spoiled food (hopefully). By the way, I do like Tang. Even without the edible plastic-looking glass but I would suggest drinking your drink before eating your container. Less messy that way.


Are You Looking Forward To Eating Your Next McWhopper Taco with the edible paper wrapped around it?