Disney’s Inevitable Takeover of the Human Race

When you say “Disney,” a lot of different images come to mind. Some might think of the great children’s movies they make and the annoying theme songs that come along with them. Others might fantasize about spending an entire week at one of the beautiful parks. And still others might think of gritty action movies filled with superheroes and expanding storylines.

Regardless of which category you fit into, it’s time that you realize one thing: Disney has been planning the takeover of humankind since the beginning.

It Started With Princesses

When Walt Disney first proposed the idea of an animated movie with over a million dollar budget, people thought he was crazy. In 1937, when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released, he proved otherwise. Over the years, Disney developed itself by creating story after story about princesses, slowly ensuring that every child would grow up watching these movies.

 Pirates of the Caribbean Arrived

By the early 2000s, the masterminds behind Disney started to realize that their master plan was coming together nicely. This is when they decided to launch the second step in their scheme: stretch a boring ride into a movie trilogy that would capture all age groups.

The Curse of the Black Pearl accomplished this rather impressively and even after the second movie came out and was absolutely horrendous, people still wanted a third. In fact, the third did well enough that they decided to milk it for a forth. At this point, they moved from just controlling children and their parents, to capturing teens and young adults.

How would Disney top this?

One Word…

When Disney worked its magic and acquired the rights to Marvel movies, they secured one of the final cogs in their wheel. These movies would ensure they could capture those stubborn comic book nerds and bring them into the fold. It also pulled in some stray adults who escaped from the Pirates of the Caribbean. The scary truth is: this franchise is still growing. (The Marvel Villain Problem.)

Live Action Powerhouse

As soon as Disney realized just how successful live action movies could be, they started to toy with the idea of reinventing their fairytales. Despite its cheesy special effects and sometimes ridiculous storyline, Disney was able to capture a huge audience with Once Upon a Time. Realizing this success, it only made sense that they would follow up by reviving all of their original princesses with new, live action movies. This was the final step in their plan, proving that they could release absolutely anything and make money off it.

So, when we are all bowing down to the great and powerful Walt Disney, remember you made your choice.

Oh… And let’s not ever let this one go….




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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