Crocodile Cage Of Death…Do You Have The Balls

Do you like carelessly putting your life in danger? Maybe you enjoy riding around on a motorcycle without a helmet or any protective gear while weaving in and out of traffic. Perhaps you like skydiving and wait to pull your parachute until after the recommended altitude. Or, maybe you just try to correct your girlfriend/wife instead of admitting that they are always right and you are always wrong. Regardless, if you like danger, you understand what it’s like to seek out new thrills. Well, if you think you have the balls for it, this crocodile cage of death may be just what you are after.

Taking the Plunge

Located in Darwin City, Australia, the owners of Crocosaurus Cove are willing to give thrill-seekers an adventure they won’t soon forget. For 15 minutes, visitors are able to take a plunge in the crocodile cage of death. This adventure puts you face-to-face with one of the most dangerous predators in the entire world: the saltwater crocodile. While you may be enclosed during this experience, the handlers will be there throwing food into the mix, which means those massive reptiles will be moving around in that terrifying way only they can move. Since the cage can fit two people, you can even bring along a friend for this epic meal -or, for this epic fun time.

The Crocodiles of Australia

In case you aren’t familiar with saltwater crocodiles, here’s your chance to study up. Unlike alligators in the United States, these crocodiles tend to be pretty big, with some reaching lengths of 7 meters or so (that’s about 23 feet). But, the size of these predators is just the start. Also unlike those little reptiles you find in the States, these guys are known to be quite aggressive. If you spot one on the beach, you better hope you have a good escape plan because they will run you down and they will eat you. In fact, you may remember us discussing previous just how dangerous these crocodiles can be when we addressed the threat of toxic honey in Australia. So, this crocodile cage of death is not messing around.

Only In Australia

Of course, it should be no wonder to anyone who browses the internet that they would have something insane like this in Australia. Actually, it is more surprising that this is the ONLY crocodile experience in the entire country. Perhaps the other people are too busy with giant, terrifying spiders or elephant-killing snakes. Whatever the case might be, only in Australia would people be insane enough to go underwater with these death machines. Really, the question should not be whether you have the balls to handle it, but whether you have the brain cells to say “no.” So, if you really have no fear, go ahead and take the dive. Otherwise, you can join us more sensible folks up here on dry land.


What do you think about this crocodile cage of death? Would you go ahead and try it out? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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