Creepy Tails…The Japanese Have It In The Bag!

The leaves are changing. There’s a certain chill in the air that instantly brings up imagery of haunting specters, ghostly apparitions, and pumpkin spice lattes. This can mean only one thing: fall is here.

With Halloween right around the corner (I know, I can’t believe it either) and as the truly terrifying idea of a Trump presidency begins to set in we thought, “I wonder what other nightmarish creatures from the darkest depths of mythology and imagination exist out there?”


Creepy Tails… The Japanese Have It In The Bag!

What we found was a striking similarity in terms of region and culture, and that hot damn! The Japanese seem to have a monopoly on this sort of thing.

If you’ve ever played video games like silent hill or fatal frame you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So here it is, some of the creepiest tails to come out of the land of the rising sun.

1. Slit-Mouth Girl

The legen goes that a woman was mutilated by her husband and returned as a malevolent spirit bent on share her pain. She will supposedly ask if you think she’s pretty, and no matter what you say, she’ll cut your face with spectral scissors.

“You wanna know how I got these scars?”

2. Teke Teke

This myth says that a Japanese lady was sliced in half after falling onto some railroad tracks. Gruesome enough, I know, but now her top half runs around (very quickly) using her hands as legs — and if she catches up to you, she’ll slice you in half too.

Yeah, f*** no… I’m good…

3. The Akaname

The Akaname is a demon often described as being red in color and with a habit of grabbing feet with its mouth/tongue. It is said to come out at night to lick up the grime and dirt that accumulates in unclean bathrooms which means it’s either the nicest or creepiest (like 70’s candy van creepy) ghoul on this list.

I wonder if he’s the one behind all those toe fetish Japanese videos…

4. Makura-gaeshi

If you thought any single part of your everyday life was safe from these Japanese nightmares, think again… According to this legend, when you’re sleeping alone, a child in spiritual attire will appear next to your bed. When you awaken, you’ll find your pillow under your feet instead of your head.

5. Onryō

Said to have inspired Kayako (the vengeful spirit in The Grudge series) Onryō is a vengeful spirit that is capable of causing harm in the world of the living, harming or killing enemies, or even causing natural disasters to exact vengeance to redress the wrongs it received while alive. It then takes the spirits from their target’s dying bodies. Nom nom boo!

Special Mention: Hitori Kakurenbo

AKA “hide and go kill,” this is a game where you let a spirit possess a doll and then play hide and seek with it — and well, there’s no easy way of putting it. You’re gonna die…


Have you heard other crazy ass, nightmare inducing tales from Japan (or any other countries and cultures)? Let us know, that’s what this month is all about! Spread the fear, spread the love, it’s October!!!