Selfies That Kill: 8 Crazy Selfie Accidents

Selfies allow you to show off your beauty, which can help boost your confidence when you’re feeling low. However, every good thing has its downsides. If you take a selfie with the wrong object or at the wrong location, then you could end up dying over one little picture. If you don’t believe that selfies can be killer, here are a few selfie related injuries and deaths to prove you wrong:


Back in May of 2015, a teenager climbed on top of a train in order to take a selfie. The 18-year old was resting on top of that train, kicking her leg in the air, when 27,000 volts of electricity shot through her body. It caused her to burst into flames while her friend, who was also on the train, was sent flying. That friend ended up living, but the teen trying to take a simple selfie died in the hospital from her injuries.

Plane Crash

A pilot crashed his plane and caused the deaths of himself and his passenger, all because he was taking a selfie. Even though everyone inside the aircraft died, there was footage of the pilot texting and taking selfies with other passengers during past flights.

Struck By Lightning

Some people believe that selfies sticks are corny. However, they’re not only embarrassing to walk around with–they can actually be dangerous as well. A man who was carrying a selfie stick around during a thunderstorm proved it when he ended up getting hit by lightning that struck the device. According to  the doctors, the chances were high that he would have missed the lightning strike if he wasn’t carrying the dreaded selfie stick.

Falling Off Cliff

It’s important to obey the warning signs that you see, because they were erected for a reason. A couple in Cabo de Roca decided to take their chances and walk past a protective barrier on a cliff because they wanted to take a cute selfie together. While trying to take the snapshot, the pair ended up tumbling off of the cliff to their death. Their two young children were with them, but were fortunately unhurt.

Selfie With a Loaded Gun

Trying to look cool while taking a selfie could kill you. A teen in Houston found that out the hard way when he died from a fatal gunshot wound. The only reason the nineteen-year old was holding the loaded gun was to get a selfie to show off to his friends, but he accidentally pulled the trigger.

Death by Grenade

Two men in Russia died while holding a grenade for the world’s most badass selfie—with the pin pulled out. The phone containing the selfie ended up surviving, even though the two men did not. Of course, that phone stayed with the police as evidence.


An eighteen-year old tried to take a selfie on the beach when a wave came down and swept her away. She was there for her friend’s birthday celebration, which was suddenly a lot less happy than it should have been. Always pay attention to your surroundings, especially when you’re about to take a picture!


A man in Lake Elsinore survived his death-defying selfie, but he did end up in a massive amount of pain. In order to take an adventurous-looking picture, he picked up a rattlesnake and wrapped it around his neck. After a few minutes, the snake had had enough of the photo shoot and bit his hand. To his credit, the man finally wised up, dropped the snake, and headed to the nearest hospital.


What’s the most intense selfie you’ve ever taken?



Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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