Bigfoot Is At It Again! Newest Bigfoot Sighting!

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the woods again without worrying about running into Bigfoot, there has been another Bigfoot sighting. We shouldn’t necessarily say “another”, as there has yet to be a confirmed Bigfoot sighting anywhere. We’ve all seen the grainy videos of a shadowy figure walking through the woods, but no one has captured or interacted with a Bigfoot, yet. If you’ve been on the lookout for one, you may want to head to Michigan, as that appears to be his latest favorite hangout spot.

Bird’s Eye View

Unless your favorite hobby is tuning into eagle cams, which are usually mounted in parks or woods, you probably missed catching this Bigfoot sighting live. Not to fear, as soon as avid watchers saw the bigfoot-esque creature in the background of the video, it went viral. The camera is mounted high above an eagle’s nest, looking down on a couple of baby birds. All you hear is the wind and the baby eagles chirping, but the biggest distraction comes on the right side of the screen.

A large, black, furry create comes walking into the frame, inspecting the nearby trees/bushes. Other Bigfoot sighting videos are blurry and far away like this one is, but they’re usually shot with a personal video camera. This eagle camera is the property of the state, so unless someone knew the camera was there and wanted to play a prank, it seems likely that this video is legit.

Bigfoot’s Home

Who knew that Bigfoot would be a fan of fish hatcheries? This video was shot near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery in Beulah, Michigan earlier this year. No one had gone through the footage until just recently, however. An outdoor website called CarbonTV teamed up with the Department of Natural Resources to get the eagle camera set-up to monitor the young eagle family.

Neither group actually found the footage themselves, though. There are bigfoot sighting websites out there that are constantly on the lookout for new sightings of their favorite elusive creature. An editor at CarbonTV was simply surfing the web when he found the Bigfoot footage from their eagle cam. The editor brought it over to their website as well and the internet took over.

Is It Really Bigfoot?

As with every Bigfoot sighting, there are believers and skeptics. Jeffrey Meldrum, an actual Bigfoot researcher from Idaho State University, told the Detroit Free Press that he had some doubts. Meldrum calls it simply “an interesting video” that doesn’t have enough detail or scale to determine whether or not it’s really Bigfoot. The Department of Natural Resources isn’t convinced that their camera caught anything of substance, either, as they have not done any research to try and figure out who or what the ape-like figure is.


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Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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